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How Much Does Window Tinting Cost For Your Car In 2024?

How Much Does Window Tinting Cost For Your Car In 2024?

Are you looking to tint your car but want to ensure you’re not overpaying?

Window tint costs can vary. There are important factors to consider that will determine how much it will cost to tint windows in 2024.

Here are eight factors that affect pricing:

  • Type of automobile
  • Window tint brand
  • Window tint type and material
  • Number of windows
  • Size and complexity of windows
  • What type of business is tinting your car? A professional tint shop, mobile tinter, or auto detailing company will charge different prices.
  • Your window tinter’s location.
  • Are you doing it yourself using DIY?

Choosing which brand and materials, while factoring in price, can be tricky. Getting your windows tinted by a professional window tinter is a great way to avoid worrying about regulations (and spending time doing it yourself). 

Read this article to understand how much you should pay for tint in 2024.

Average Window Tinting Prices By Car Type

We did some market research and reached out to the community to find the typical costs of window tinting by type of vehicle. Professional tinters say you can expect to pay, on average, between $99 – $850* to tint your car all around. Let’s break down the price ranges, so you know how much is window tinting by your car type.

Sedans (4 Door Car)

sedan window tint cost

If you choose an affordable tint, such as carbon tint, you can expect to pay between $50* per window or about $250* for all 7 (2 front sides, 2 backsides, 2 rear quarter windows, and the rear) windows on your vehicle. We offer Rayno MonoCarbon, our affordable carbon tint.

For higher-end tints, like ceramic, you can expect to pay between $100* per window or about $650* for all 7 windows on your vehicle. We offer Rayno Phantom S9, Phantom S7, or Phantom S5, our high-performance nano carbon ceramic tint series. For drivers who want a lighter tint and/or want their front windshields tinted, we offer Rayno Platinum Air 7090.


how much to tint a coupe

You should expect to pay more if your coupe has steep rear or curved windows. These types of windows are more challenging to cover with tint, which will increase labor costs. The average cost for tinting a two-door car (with 5 windows) is estimated to cost between $120 – $450*.


cost to tint truck windows

You can expect to pay around $350* for pickup trucks to tint the windows on your truck. The truck’s size matters because of the additional time and labor needed. The price will increase if you decide to tint the slider windows.


how much to tint suv windows

SUVs have more windows and are bigger, which will play a role in pricing. As a result, SUVs can expect to pay between $250 – $750* for window tinting. 

*Prices vary by film type, location, and shop. Please contact your nearest dealer to get the exact pricing for your vehicle.

Tesla Window Tinting Cost

tesla tint cost

The average cost for tinting your Tesla can vary depending on your model and the number of windows you want to be tinted. Tesla owners across the country mentioned widely different prices. In general, you can expect Tesla tint costs to range between $250 – $935 on average for all-around tint.

In order to safeguard yourself and your Tesla vehicle (Model S, Model 3, Model X, or Model Y) from dangerous UV rays, full 360 protection is a must. If you want to save some money, you can opt out of tinting the roof.

Cost For A Tint Job By Type of Film

window tint cost

Cost can vary significantly between a quality ceramic window tint vs. a more affordable dyed alternative. Due to the nature of the materials and technology used in a film, the average price will vary. Here’s a closer look into the three main types of automotive window film and the unique benefits each has.

Ceramic Window Tint Cost

Ceramic window film is the highest quality film you can purchase, as it doesn’t contain any metal or dye. Instead, this tint contains ceramic particles that are both non-metallic and non-conductive. As a result, this film doesn’t block cell signals of phones, GPS systems, and radios needed to operate. However, ceramic window tint is the most expensive because of the advanced technology required to create this film. You can expect to pay between $350 – $850 for ceramic tint.

A newer type of film that Rayno has pioneered contains a hybrid of both ceramic and carbon. Rayno Phantom contains Nano Carbon-Ceramic particles to help stabilize the color of the tint, increase durability, heat rejection, and visibility.

Dyed Window Tint Cost

Dyed window tint is the most affordable tint you can purchase for your car windows. A dye is used in the creation process that’s added to a layer next to the adhesive, which is then applied to your vehicle’s windows. The sun’s UV rays will more quickly cause the tint’s dye to fade. Over time your tint will look purple, brown or turn completely transparent.

Dyed window tint is cheap to purchase because there isn’t any advanced technology that is used to improve the performance of this type of tint. In addition, due to its poor functioning and durability, and common bubbling problems, dyed window tint has to be replaced more frequently than ceramic window tint does. You can expect to pay between $99 – $350 for dyed tint.

Carbon Window Tint Cost

Carbon tint contains carbon particles that can help block infrared light very effectively. The carbon helps keep interiors cooler. The film will not quickly fade compared to dyed films. Carbon film doesn’t have any metal, so the issue with cell phones and radio transmission doesn’t arise when used. However, the carbon can create glare and haze, making it difficult to see the road outside your car. Carbon window tint costs more than dyed film. You can expect to pay between $150 – $450 for ceramic tint.

Rayno recently formulated a new type of carbon window tint that contains nano-scale-sized carbon particles. Rayno MonoCarbon is a 2-ply true carbon-based film with a highly concentrated coating layer. This film makes the outside look clearer without any haziness vs. other carbon films. And best of all, it has a beautiful black shade. In addition, this product is more affordable than Rayno’s Phantom series film.

Other Window Tinting Cost Factors

The price you pay to have your windows professionally tinted will also vary by other factors. Here are other important factors that come into play when factoring in cost.

Number and Complexity of Windows

The cost will depend on how many windows, size, and type of windows you want to be tinted. Some windows are harder to tint than others. Even the most seasoned tinters may need extra time to get the job done. Some cars with complex windows are the VW Beetle, Corvette Z06, and Audi A8.


Another significant factor is the warranty. Some films, like Rayno Phantom, have a lifetime warranty, while others have a shorter warranty period. 

Location and Laws

Tint costs can be drastically different depending on the city and state where you get your tint. The areas with a high demand for tint might charge more. Since there is more competition, though, you might score a good deal. We recommend getting a quote from at least 3 locations so you can compare options and pricing. Furthermore, some states have strict tint laws on the legal VLT% you can have on your windows, which can narrow your tint options. Read our article that shows you the tint laws by state so you can be compliant with your local laws. You can also read detailed tint laws for the following states: California, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, and Maryland.

Can you save money by doing it yourself (D.I.Y)?

diy window tint cost

Buying a tint installation kit to install DIY window tint yourself may be a more affordable option, but there are some things to consider.

Applying a DIY window tint requires specific tools and skills. Even if you have experience detailing vehicles, it’s not guaranteed you’ll do a good job applying the tint. With DIY tinting kits, you have to make sure that the modification you make to your car is within your state’s limits. Plus, there’s an increased chance of your tint bubbling up, causing you to restart the entire tinting process.

You can easily skip over the legal concerns, the frustration of applying your own tint, and the added cost of having to repurchase a tinting kit by going to a nearby window tint shop.

Get Window Tinting Prices Near You

This article gave you a general idea of how much does window tinting cost, but you can find a tint shop near you to get an accurate estimate. We have tint shops in California, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Denver, Florida, Las Vegas, and more so you can know the window tint prices near you. Our Rayno dealers can offer you various tints to fit your needs and budget.