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Ohio Tint Laws 2024 Explained – What’s The Legal Limit?

Ohio Tint Laws 2024 Explained – What’s The Legal Limit?

Are you concerned about getting pulled over because of the dark tint on your car windows in Ohio?

Getting stopped by the police because you did not follow the Ohio tint laws in 2024 is just not worth it. Car window tinting laws were enacted in 2004 so it’s important you are up-to-date with the latest changes.

The Ohio tint law states that, “violation of the law is considered a minor misdemeanor, with fines up to $100.”

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get tinted windows. Read on to find out more about the Ohio tint laws and not get stopped or fined unnecessarily.


ohio window tinting laws

What Is VLT?

The VLT (Visible Light Transmission) is the proportion of light that a window tint film permits to let in through your car windows. 

A higher VLT indicates that the window tint film allows more light to pass through. A tint film of 75% allows 75% of the light to pass through it, but a film tint of merely 5% allows only 5% of light to pass through, which results in a much darker film.

Each state has distinct legal permitted limitations for VLT. So the amount of light allowed to pass through your film and glass will be specific for Ohio. The laws distinguish that each window must have a certain amount of light coming through. For example, the front window tint law in Ohio will be different from how much light is allowed to come through the back windows.

Automotive Tint Laws Ohio

Here are the latest Ohio tint laws for Sedans, SUVs, and Vans:

  • Front windshield: Allow 70% of the light to pass through
  • Front-seat side windows: Allow 50% of the light to pass through, plus or minus 3 percent
  • Back-seat side windows: Any amount of darkness is fine
  • Rear window: Any amount of darkness is fine

Window Tint Reflection Laws Ohio

Window tint can reduce glare and heat by reflecting incoming light, but you need to be within the limits. The % of reflectivity for the front and backside windows must not increase reflectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Ohio Window Tint Law

Other essential laws, rules, and regulations governing window tinting exist in Ohio. The following are some common questions raised about the laws:

Is Colored Tint Restricted in Ohio? 

Red and yellow tint colors are not allowed.

Are There Any Ohio Window Tint Law Medical Exemptions?

The state of Ohio presently does not allow for medical exemptions for window tinting, which would allow you to tint your windows darker for medical reasons. Contact your state representative directly if you want to file a petition to challenge this and seek to change the legislation due to your medical condition.

Are There Any Tinted License Plate Cover Laws in Ohio?

Covering your license plate is illegal. The law states that license plates should not be obstructed by any material that skews their visibility. There have been instances of people illegally masking their plates to pass the Ohio traffic camera law.

Automotive Window Film Products That You Can Use

Now that you learned what you need to know about Ohio tint laws, you’re probably wondering, “What’s the best tint to use?” Rayno Window Film offers various window tint options that fit any budget and need.

Rayno Phantom Series

Rayno Phantom is the world’s first nano carbon-ceramic film that offers the best in reducing heat and glare. The nanoscaled carbon particles offer excellent color stability, while the encapsulated ceramic particles provide higher visibility and excellent heat rejection.

Rayno MonoCarbon

MonoCarbon is a carbon tint that contains a 2-ply, carbon-based material with no dyes or metals. If you are a vehicle enthusiast or have recently purchased your first automobile, you will want to keep it in good working order. It’s a great way to achieve greater comfort and style at a lower price.

Rayno Platinum AIR7090

Platinum AIR7090 is the perfect windshield tint, because it has lighter shades and higher IR rejection options. Platinum AIR7090 has the same features as our Platinum series, but with additional shrinking abilities to fit your curved car windshield.

Getting Your Windows Tinted With Rayno 

It is important to tint your windows according to Ohio regulations. Trust our Rayno tint shops with all experiences needed to tint your windows while staying compliant.

We have developed quality window tint products for our customers. Our qualified tint shops offer the best window tints in Ohio to meet your needs. Visit our dealer locator to find your nearest Rayno tint shop today.