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Crystal Shield

The Evolution Of Windshield Protection Film

Crystal Shield is a highly functional protection window film specially manufactured based on Rayno’s outstanding Optical Design Technology and advanced Coating Technology. Unlike conventional window films, Crystal Shield is applied to the outside of the vehicle’s windshield to provide enhanced protection against the impact of various external road hazards.



  • Stronger Windshield: Crystal Shield makes your windshield twice as strong, so it can take hits from things like rocks and debris without getting damaged easily. This helps keep your windshield in good shape.
  • Safety from Shattering: If your windshield takes a hard hit, Crystal Shield stops it from breaking into small, sharp pieces. This keeps you and your passengers safe from harm in case of an accident.
  • Scratch Protection: Crystal Shield’s tough coating helps your windshield resist scratches, especially from windshield wipers. Your windshield stays clear and scratch-free.
  • Rain and Snow Visibility: With Crystal Shield, your windshield becomes really good at repelling water. This means you can see clearly when it’s raining or snowing, making driving safer.
  • Easy Cleaning: Crystal Shield has a special coating that makes it easy to clean your windshield. It helps get rid of dirt and grime so your view remains clear, no matter the condition.
  • UV Protection: Crystal Shield blocks 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun. This helps protect your skin and the inside of your car from sun damage, like sunburn and fading.

Extreme Durability

Elevating your windshield’s resilience, Crystal Shield provides robust protection against airborne hazards such as gravel and debris. With Crystal Shield in place, you can say farewell to shattered glass and potential harm to passengers. Our specially engineered hard coating layer doesn’t just stop at safeguarding your windshield; it’s all about endurance. It takes on windshield wipers with finesse, ensuring long-lasting scratch resistance. Crystal Shield is your reliable partner in keeping your windshield pristine, and your passengers safe while on the road.



Experience the Future of Windshield Protection with Crystal Shield! Our revolutionary hydrophobic coating, unmatched durability, and exceptional glass protection make Crystal Shield the advanced choice for a crystal-clear view and long-lasting performance. Elevate your driving experience with the cutting-edge technology of Crystal Shield.

Why Crystal Shield?

Crystal Shield presents excellent hydrophobic properties, providing clear visibility to the driver in the rain or snow. The anti-fouling coating provides an easy cleaning process for various contaminations on the film. Crystal Shield also offers 99% UV rejection, protecting the passengers skin and interior of the vehicle, keeping what you value most safe.




Extreme Damage Resistance

Crystal Shield doubles your windshields strength, providing ultimate protection against flying debris, rocks, and more. We conducted a test among competitors to conclude Crystal Shield’s superior strength.


Unveil the Power of Hydrophobic Surfaces!

Why do surfaces treated with Crystal Shield film seem to magically repel water? It’s all about the way water behaves on these surfaces.

Crystal Shield’s cutting-edge hydrophobic technology not only enhances your visibility during lousy weather but also simplifies the task of keeping your windshield clean from dirt and debris. Hydrophobic surfaces encourage water droplets to form perfect spheres due to their high water contact angle degree.

Why does it matter to you?

  • Less Mess: Say goodbye to messy water spots and stains!
  • Durability: Enjoy long-lasting performance thanks to excellent moisture protection.
  • Easy Cleaning: Cleaning becomes a breeze as dirt and grime effortlessly slide away

Unveil the magic of the Crystal Shield hydrophobic surface – a greater water contact angle acts like a superhero shield against water. Enjoy the perks and stay dry, clean, and carefree!


Company A Company B Company C Company D Rayno Crystal Shield
Initial Water Contact Angle






ISO 15989:2004 Plastics — Film and Sheeting — Measurement of water-contact angle of corona-treated films


Crystal Shield outshines its competitors when it comes to providing clear visibility. In tests, Crystal Shield has achieved an impressive Haze percentage of just 0.60% (ISO14782), ensuring that you can see through your windshield with absolute clarity. Its remarkable transparency ensures safe driving with unmatched visibility.

Company A Company B Company C Company D Rayno Crystal Shield
 Haze (%)(Without Release Film) 1.3 0.7  1.0 0.8  0.6


* Testing performed in ISO14782, lower number of haze means the product exhibits more transparency.


Rayno Crystal Shield film offers you top-notch durability and hydrophobic features, making your windshield scratch-resistant and better at repelling dirt and grime. With Crystal Shield, you’ll enjoy excellent visibility in bad weather, and cleaning your windshield becomes a breeze with our innovative windshield product.

Company A Company B Company C Company D Rayno Crystal Shield
Delta Haze (%)
After steel wool test*
0.2 0.1  0.2 0.1 0.1

**Test Method: Delta Haze Measurement after Linear Scratch Tester (rubbing 1,000 times of Steel wool

#0000, 1kgf/cm²)

Crystal Shield Specifications

Test Methods:

ASTM D7334: Standard Practice for Surface Wettability of Coatings, Substrates and Pigments by Advancing Contact Angle Measurement

ASTM D882: Test Methods for Tensile Properties of Thin Plastic Sheeting

ASTM D3330: Test Method for Peel Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Tape

ISO9050: Glass in Building: Determination of Light Transmittance, Solar Direct Transmittance, Total Solar Energy Transmittance, Ultraviolet Transmittance and Related Glazing Factors

ISO14782: Determination of Haze for Transparent Materials

Properties Unit Value Tolerance Test Method
Total Thickness (Without Release Film) µm 120 ±3 Micrometer
Visible Light Transmittance % 91.1 ±3 IS09050
UV Rejection % 99↑ ±1 IS09050
Haze (Without Release Film) % 0.6 ±0.1 ISO14782
Delta Haze

After Steel Wool Abrasion Test
(#0000, 500g, 1000 times)

% 0.1 Linear Scratch Tester
Adhesive Peel Strength gf/inch 500 ±100 ASTM
Contact Angle (°) degree (°) 110 ±3 ASTM
Break Strength N/10mm 139 ±50 ASTM D882
Elongation at Break % 110 ±10 ASTM D882



The Evolution Of Windshield Protection Film

Say goodbye to the limitations on visibility, functionality, and performance that you might have experienced with other windshield protection products. Rayno’s Advanced Resin Formulation Technology and Hard Coating Technology bring you a top-notch solution for all your windshield protection needs!


Crystal Shield Precautions

Crystal Shield provides protection for the vehicle’s windshield and prevents the glass from shattering in the event of damage. Please note that the amount of impact on the windshield depends on the speed of the car, the size and type of the object impacted, and the location of the impact. When the impact is strong enough, the windshield may become damaged even with Crystal Shield installed. Crystal Shield’s protection functionality can also be affected by installation quality. Therefore, please ensure its installation is conducted by a Rayno authorized dealer, following installation guidelines provided by Rayno Window Film and the warranty card received.


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