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Automotive Window Film


Rayno MonoCarbon is a 2-ply carbon window tint that doesn’t have dyes.
This means long-lasting durability with less than 1% fading vs. dyed films.


MonoCarbon provides long-lasting durability

A 2-ply, true Carbon based film with Rayno’s advanced Nano-technology, with no dyes and no metals.

If you are a car enthusiast or just purchased your first car, you want to keep your car in good shape. Don’t settle for less — especially on your first ride. Choose MonoCarbon to get more comfort and style with an affordable price.

MonoCarbon uses Carbon, instead of dyes. It is a stable particle that gives long lasting durability in a rich, black shade. There will be less than 1% of fading of the film. Added benefits include increased UV protection for your skin, visibility of the road ahead, and heat protection from the sun. All this with no extra effort or money on your part – a little buzz to share about with your friends!


Just Got Your First Car – Now What?

It’ll be your buddy for a long time and you’ll have many adventures together. You obviously want to keep your car in good shape, so why settle for less on your first ride, when you can get more comfort and style with an affordable price?

MonoCarbon is a 2-ply, true Carbon based film customized with Rayno’s advanced Nano-technology, with no dyes and no metals. Carbon is a stable particle that gives long lasting durability in a rich, black shade. This means less than 1% fading on your vehicle, plus you’ll be earning increased UV protection, visibility, and heat protection with no extra effort or money on your part – a little buzz to share about with your friends.

Kickoff down the right path and choose Rayno MonoCarbon, a carbon window tint, for the well-earned attention you deserve with money left over to celebrate! Don’t be misled to underperforming, color-fading dyed films or subpar Carbon coated dyed films. Rayno’s true premium Nano Carbon window film, MonoCarbon, will carry you throughout all your exciting adventures, day in and day out and you will look good and feel good.

Keep it REAL with REAL Carbon

REAL Performance, REAL Privilege for the REAL you!


Rayno vs the Competition

Rayno MonoCarbon
  • Premium nano carbon film. 2-ply true carbon based film with NO DYES and NO METALS
  • Superior durability with high concentrated coating Layer
  • Superior clarity without haziness due to nano-scale sized Particle used
  • Color fading dye based film on subpar carbon coated dyed film
  • Low durability with multiple thin & low concentrated coating layers
  • Low clarity with possible haziness due to larger sized carbon particle used

Color Durability

Never overlook Color Durability (a.k.a. Fading Rate) as this statistic tells you the film’s ability to keep not only from turning color but also harmful sun ray protecting performance over time.

Here is the Color Durability test result of MonoCarbon against other dyed films. Our expert engineers used Xenon Test Chamber model Xe-3 and put the films through the same vigorous weathering conditions for Color Durability comparison.

After 1,000 hours of testing (equating to 10 years of your car exposed to the sun in real life), other dyed films faded up to 8.6% while MonoCarbon faded less than 1%!

You will enjoy your ride with MonoCaron for years to come!


Product Properties

Our carbon tint provides superior clarity, heat rejection, durability and color stability compared to dyed films in the market. You can drive under the sun while staying cooler for longer. On top of that, our film will provide you with 99% UV rejection. Staying comfortable is just as important and protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

Our product test results in the graph show that MonoCarbon has superior durability and less than 1% fading rate vs. competitors. MonoCarbon will have a nearly consistent tint throughout the life of your vehicle. The graph shows superior IR rejection and higher TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejected) rate.

MonoCarbon allows a much lower percentage of IR transmittance vs. competitors so you can enjoy the film year after year!



Rayno MonoCarbon Series provides optimized heat rejection. We completed a performance test on MonoCarbon 20% using a BTU meter to see how well MonoCarbon rejects solar energy. The test shows that MonoCarbon cuts down on half of the solar energy coming through the glass.

This means that you will feel significantly less heat from the sun’s rays while in your vehicle. Drive comfortably while keeping your car looking cool with MonoCarbon! We’re certain you’ll be satisfied!


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