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Frequently Asked Questions

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There are a couple of ways you can buy our products.

  1. Use our dealer locator. We have a network of certified Rayno installers who can install our window film and paint protection products.

Visit our Rayno dealer locator and type in your city in the search bar. Dealer locations will appear in the map and you will also ee a list of those dealers below the map. To learn more about a specific dealer, click on the search result. You can contact them either by calling or sending them a message.

Get started and find a Rayno dealer near you!

  1. Shop online. Visit our online shop to browse all the products we offer online.

You can become a Rayno dealer by giving our sales team a call at 844-RAY-FILM (729-3456). They will be happy to learn about your business and provide you with all the information needed for you to get started.

Please give our sales team a call at 844-RAY-FILM (729-3456). They will be happy to provide you with information regarding dealer pricing.

You can easily register your warranty online by clicking one of the three links below. You must fill out the form in its entirety. If you do not have specific product information on hand, please contact the dealer to provide you with the information you need.

Please contact your Rayno dealer with any questions or issues you may have with your film. They will contact us if there are specific issues we may be able to handle.

There are so many different types of window films available that choosing one can be difficult. We want you to know how you can choose window tint that will best meet your needs.

There are various types of window tints available. We offer the world’s first nano carbon ceramic tint. It is our premium film developed with carbon and ceramic particles to offer the best in heat rejection and durability. We also offer a more affordable carbon tint. This film is developed with carbon only and has the benefits of maintaining its color for many years compared to the short-lived dyed films.

Aside from the material of the film, you want to look for a film that has the ideal shade, color stability, clarity, and solar control.

We’ve written an article that covers all the tips for choosing the best window tint for your vehicle.

To clean, lightly spray the cleaner of your choice onto a clean, soft micro­fiber or cotton cloth, then gently wipe your tinted glass. Turn the cloth regularly so that it presents a clean surface. You should also be careful around the edges of the tint when cleaning your tinted windows. Don’t want to get stuck at the edge when cleaning the windows or the tint might start peeling off the glass.

Learn more and get all the proper steps to caring for your tinted windows.

The most important part of caring for your paint protection film (PPF) or Clear Bra is washing it regularly. It’s best to wash at least once a week.

Remember that the cleaner you keep it, the longer the film will last. Clear Bra is made of a special material that prevents dirt, bugs, and water from getting into your paint.

Taking care of this layer of protection will help keep your paint underneath it in pristine shape for years to come and reap all the benefits of paint protection film. Remember that you can’t wax PPF like regular paint so you need to be gentle with it.

Use a soft cloth and rub in a small circular motion. After washing, make sure to use a microfiber towel to dry any remaining water off the clear bra.

The cost of window tint may vary considerably according to different window tints on the market. It might be difficult to choose which brand and materials to use while taking into account price. Having your windows tinted by a professional window tinter is a fantastic way to avoid worrying about rules (and spending time doing it yourself).

Expect to pay between $100 per window or about $650 for all windows on your vehicle. Read our complete guide to learn how much does window tint cost.

Tinting will improve the appearance of your car, but it also has a number of additional benefits. The way your automobile looks is one of the more minor advantages that tints provide. Some of the most important advantages of window tinting to consider include, increased privacy, keeping cool, blocking UV rays, reducing shatter risk and increasing the lifespan of your interior. Learn more about the benefits of window tint.

Car paint protection is a great investment as it will increase the resale value of the vehicle and help to maintain its looks for years after purchase. It helps to protect against things such as UV rays, tree sap, bird droppings and any environmental contaminants that may cause small scratches or tarnish your clear coat. Learn more about the benefits of car paint protection film.

Before getting your car tinted, you should understand the legal risks that may be involved. Make sure you are following your state’s tint laws to avoid getting pulled over by the cops. Get the window tint percentage laws in the US by state.