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Smart Film

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Rayno Smart Film is an intelligent film created by exclusive liquid film technology of Rayno. This allows the film to turn on/off from clear to opaque window film, creating a project-able privacy wall.

With this diversity, it is ideal for innovative projects from showrooms, any space that requires flexibility in privacy to display screen, advertising display and other creative applications.

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The PDLC film (Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology combines polymers and liquid crystal materials, creating a base for a new generation of window displays.

PDLC has properties to become transparent when electric current is supplied to it, allowing you to turn the film from transparent to opaque with simple controls.

Unlike other PDLC films, Rayno’s uses an innovative sponge construction to bring more flexibility in design and application.

PDLC Technology

How it Works

Smart Glass Film Characteristics


Thinnest switchable film on the market.
Can be installed directly onto existing glass panels.

World’s First 120µm Switchable Film

Thinnest switchable film on the market – can be installed directly onto existing glass panels.

Liquid Crystal Film

Gives state-of-the-art transparency and clarity. As the only sponge structure PDLC film, Rayno Smart Film allows flexible design options.

Fast Response

With a simple control, the smart film will switch on in less than 0.05 sec.

Large Film Width

Sheet size up to 3.94 ft x 16.4 ft. Can be cut and combined to fit ANY dimension. Efficiently stored and transported on rolls.

Smart Window Film Characteristics



Run meetings, advertise or create the world’s largest TV by projecting onto smart film.

Energy Savings

Low voltage, Rayno Smart Film uses only .00077w/in2 to operate. Variety of different control methods.


Blocks 99% of Ultraviolet rays and 65% of Infrared rays – shielding you from the sun.

Dynamic Design Options

Film available in an array of colors, to meet your decorative needs.

Smart Window
Film Comparison

Rayno Vs. Others
Rayno Vs. Others
What Only Rayno Can Do
What Only Rayno Can Do