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Rayno Dealer Shops

    How To

    How To Find Your Rayno Dealer

    Are you ready to embrace the benefits of Rayno tinting products for your cars, home, office, buildings and other properties? Get started TODAY with the Rayno Where to Buy!

    • Enter your address or ZIP code into the search field OR select State, Application and Other from dropdown options on the left of the map.
    • Choose the Rayno dealer shop in your search results and contact them for a consultation or tinting job appointment.
    • Click “Call Now” or call 1-855-729-8468,XXXX
    • Click “Message Now” and submit the form to the dealer shop
    • Can’t find a Rayno local dealer shop near you? Click the REQUEST button above and submit the form for us to help you find one!
    • Don’t forget to leave the rating, comments and testimonials for Rayno dealer shop that you’ve visited on the dealer shop page. You can also share cool images of your Rayno film installed cars, offices, home, etc to show off and have a chance to win cool Rayno merchandise!
    • Enjoy your Rayno experience to stay cool and healthy throughout the year!
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    Leave A Review

    Share your feedback about Rayno products and dealerships for a chance to win an Amazon gift card.

    Enter your zip code in the form above to find your dealer. Scroll down and share your experience on the review form. Your opinion matters and we are rewarding a few of our customers with a free Amazon gift card.

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    Get Peace Of Mind

    Activate Your Lifetime Warranty

    You can rest easy if something goes wrong. That’s where Rayno’s lifetime warranty comes in. By registering your warranty, you’re ensuring that your investment is protected for the life of your vehicle.

    Registering your Rayno lifetime warranty is quick and easy. Fill out our Rayno warranty registration form here.

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    Rayno Dealers

    Rayno Dealers Provide superior window tinting film for your car

    Window and car tint from Rayno provides a superior window tinting film for your car; blocking as much as 99 percent of UV rays while also providing superior aesthetics, stronger material and a longer life than similar products. If you are excited about our products, you may be disappointed when you don’t find them for sale online or at your local car parts store. Because of the premier nature of our products, it’s important to get window tint installation done professionally. Proper installation will help you enjoy the full range of benefits of our window film, and we have dealers near you to help.

    Our window film needs to be installed by a qualified professional to ensure the proper application. To guarantee this happens, we sell our car tint through qualified window tint dealers who can also help you with installation. We want to ensure that your tint is properly installed, so you can enjoy the full benefits and expected lifespan.

    Who are the window tint dealers offering our window film? We have partner vendors across the United States, even in Hawaii! Your local auto body shop or parts dealership may be an authorized dealer for our products. To buy our products, simply find a dealer location near you, bring your car and have your window tint installed! Our Rayno Where to Buy will make it even easier to find one near you.