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Window Tinting in New York City

Find your nearest NYC window tint shop offering Rayno Window Film. Get professional window tinting in New York today! Browse our list of NY dealers!


Rayno Dealer Shops

    Car Window Tinting NYC

    Tinted windows give a vehicle a sleek appeal that isn’t there without tint. It also adds privacy and discreteness for drivers, keeps out sunlight, and adds value to the car. No matter the make or model vehicle you drive, tint improves its appeal! Don’t attempt to tint car windows yourself, however. You’ll find that tinting car windows is a tedious, time consuming, and challenging job. Professionals specially trained to tint windows ensure quality results. But, not all of the New York City window tinting companies provide the same quality results at competitive prices. When your vehicle and money are on the line, don’t settle for mediocre services or expensive pricing. Our Rayno Window Film tint shops offer the best car window tinting NYC around, including our top-of-the-line carbon-ceramic tint. Our technicians strive to exceed expectations on every job. Expect quality tinting, professionalism, and a great price. Our tint shops are dedicated to their work and customers. They want to be your best car window tinting company around NYC. Many customers already gave them 5-star ratings and reviews.

    Cost to Get Your Windows Tinted in NYC

    How much to tint windows in NYC? It’s the first question most car owners pose after they decide to tint their windows. You must know the costs of window tint to budget accordingly. Numerous factors impact car tinting rates, but the price won’t overwhelm your budget. The minimal expense is well worth the benefits that car window tinting offers.

    The price of tint in NYC depends on:

    • The type of tint you want to use
    • The number of windows being tinted
    • The model of your car
    • Your tinting shop

    Our tint shops can ensure your window tint complies with all NYC window tint laws. Allowing them to handle that helps avoid tickets and time in court. How much is a ticket for tinted windows in NYC that are too dark? The rate changes frequently, but it’s more than you want to pay. Avoid that worry when our shops install your window tint. Affordable rates and quality work are their guarantees to every customer they serve. Their highly-competitive car tinting rates are easy on any budget. Please call one of our shops to ask about any special prices and deals.

    NYC Tint Laws

    We’re familiar with the stringent NYC window tint laws, and we recommend you to follow them. Without this knowledge, your tint technician might get your windows too dark. The NYPD might stop you and give you a ticket if your tint is too dark. You will have an additional expense to retint the window to a legal limit. That isn’t a concern when you trust our Rayno dealers to tint windows. Windshield and side windows may not have tint, according to state law. Cars must have rear-view mirrors on both sides for tint to be installed on the side windows. Tint on the side windows must reserve 70% light. Window tint laws are designed to protect drivers and others on the roadways. The laws are very strict for this reason.

    Office and Commercial Window Tinting

    Office and commercial window tinting reduce glare inside the building. It also prevents sun and UV ray damage, which can cause your furniture to fade from sun exposure. Tint gives the building a unique, appealing appearance that stands out from the crowd. Employees find buildings with tinted windows are more comfortable and easier to work inside. Improved productivity is often one of the overlooked benefits of window tinting. We offer commercial window tinting NYC for businesses of all sizes. Multiple-story buildings welcome! Get your estimate and learn firsthand why we’re a tinting company NYC business owners trust.

    Window Tint Removal Service

    Do you need to remove the tint from your car windows in NYC? Perhaps you attempted a DIY tint job and learned the hard way that it isn’t as simple as it looks. Maybe you paid a scrupulous NYC window tint company that tinted too dark or who provided a poor installation. Whatever the case is, our professionals remove the tint from your car or commercial windows quickly and safely. They will even install new tint for you when the old is removed if you’d like. No obligation, of course. Costs for window tint removal, like tinting service, vary from one job to the next. Request your free estimate to learn precisely how much you’ll spend on the service.

    Find Your Nearest Tint Shop

    Search using the map above to find our nearest window tint shop location. We have several locations in NYC, so there is a location near you. You have a choice when it comes to the NYC window tinters you choose. Make the right decision that countless other NYC drivers have made and schedule service with our professional tinters. You’re our top priority, and they will take care of your tint needs.