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Paint Protection Film


Introducing Onyxhield, the trailblazing pioneer in precision protective film technology. We proudly present ‘Optical Paint Protection Film (PPF),’ our best paint protection film offering groundbreaking innovation born from the world of precision optics.

Enter the world of Onyxhield, where protection is just the beginning. Discover EX9, a revelation in color brilliance through advanced optical tech, EX11, where the spirit of motorsports meets uncompromising protection, and EX Alpha, the ultimate expression of unique vehicle style through a spectrum of colors and patterns.


Experience visual perfection with the magic of precision optics!

Uniting cutting-edge optical engineering and state-of-the-art nanopolymer technology, Rayno’s Optical Paint Protection Film takes the vibrant red palette of a Ferrari to new heights, rendering those iconic seven shades in a breathtakingly vivid and stunning fashion.

Onyxhield is not just about safeguarding your prized possessions; it’s about turning them into visual masterpieces. Join us on this extraordinary journey, and let your vehicle become a canvas of unparalleled craftmanship and style!

Experience Unmatched Optical Excellence and Discoloration Resistance

Onyxhield Optical Paint Protection Film sets the industry standard for spectacular optical performance and extreme resistance against fading. Elevate your vehicle’s protection to the next level!

Optimized Optical Properties

  • Superior transmittance
  • Excellent reflection
  • Amazing refraction

Onyxhield presents an unmatchable level of true color representation – making sure your vehicle is shown in it’s true beauty, through every weather condition.

Durable Against Discoloration

  • Heat discoloration resistance
  • UV discoloration resistance
  • Surface contamination resistance

Onyxhield’s technology presents superior anti-yellowing, maintaining the premium look of your car for years to come. You will not have to worry about the issues of subpar film any longer, and can be rest assured that your vehicle will maintain a sleek, showroom finish look.

The Ultimate Protection For Your Vehicle

  • Film thickness up to 12 mil
  • High performance self healing layers
  • Extreme damage resistance
  • 10 year warranty

Providing extreme levels of protection, Onyxhield presents film thickness levels of up to 12 mil, preventing any damage to your car’s exquisite paint. To add to the protection, your film is covered under a 10-year warranty, ensuring your satisfaction with your product for the next decade.

Optical PPF Composition

  • Durability Enhancement: Our lab conducted a ‘4-Layer Structure Test’ to reduce discoloration rates for longer-lasting performance.
  • Visual Clarity Priority: Prioritizes higher transmittance for clearer visuals.
  • Reduced Interference: Favorable lower reflection and refraction rates for superior clarity and performance.
Optical PPF Composition Chart – Nov. 27
Onyxhield PPF


Experience Unmatched Clarity In Any Environment:

  • Our technology minimizes light loss, optimizes transmittance, reflection, and refraction, all to vividly showcase your vehicle’s paint color, even in challenging atmospheric conditions like polluted air, raindrops, and dust.

Say Goodbye To Heat Discoloration Worries:

  • Our world-class durability comes with a solid ten-year warranty, guarding against orange peel and yellowing. Enjoy peace of mind with our decade-long guarantee.

Preserve Paint Brilliance:

  • Our paint protection film coating layer is masterfully fortified with advanced UV resistance. Experience long-lasting performance that stands the test of time.

Unleash Your Vehicle’s Shield:

  • Our high-performance formula keeps bird droppings, calcium / water spots, and acidic contaminants at bay, safeguarding your car’s paintwork. Onyxhield maximizes chemical resistance through the top coating technology for daily protection.

Optical PPF Map

onyxhield competitor


Our cutting-edge optical technology enhances your car’s natural color to perfection. Harnessing advanced techniques in transmittance and light reflection control, Onyxhield is bound to make your ride shine like never before. Introducing EX9, a clear solution to your paint protection needs. Followed by EX9H, repelling water and contaminants with ease. EX9 and EX9H present a great amount of thickness, 8 Mil (200 μm).


Classification EX9 EX9H
Light Transmittance 90.85 90.31
Reflection 1.0 1.3
Refraction 3 4
Heat Discoloration dE*ad 0.36 0.43
dYI 0.62 0.63
UV Discoloration dE*ad 0.04 0.04
dYI 0.03 0.05
Antifouling (1-5) 4 4.5
Product Thickness 190±17 190±17
Glossiness >90GU >90GU
Elongation 195±20 195±20
Water Contact Angle 80° 97°
Self Healing 1hr↓ 1hr↓
Film Warranty Period 10 years 10 years


At the heart of our mission lies the essence of motorsports. We deliver uncompromised protection, even as you push the limits on the track, thanks to our robust 10 Mil (250 μm) film thickness. Experience pure power and safety in every exhilarating moment, while protecting your vehicle from debris and dirt.


Classification EX11
Light Transmittance 91.02
Heat Discoloration dE*ad 0.83
dYI 1.4
Antifouling (1-5) 4.5
Product Thickness 250±17
Glossiness >90GU
Elongation 195±20
Water Contact Angle 97°
Self Healing 1hr↓
Film Warranty Period 10 years


EX13 is a luxurious, high-performance film that boasts a thickness of 300μm (12 mil), making it 1.5 times thicker than standard paint protection films. Ideal for everything from heavy-duty trucks and specialized vehicles to a range of other applications, EX13 provides unparalleled exterior protection. Whether on rugged off-road adventures or challenging industrial sites, this film safeguards with style and confidence.


Classification EX13
Product Thickness 300±17
Glossiness >90GU
Elongation 195±20
Water Contact Angle 97°
Self Healing 1hr↓
Film Warranty Period 10 years

EX Alpha

Crafted in partnership with leading global design studios:
Our Color and Pattern paint protection film delivers unrivaled protection and performance while elevating your vehicle’s unique style. With a wide range of options to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Awaken the true color of your beautiful car – with film designed to show off the vivid shades, pearly flake, and glass-like finish. Onyxhield uses innovative technology to convey the perfect paint shade, maintaining your vehicle’s look while providing a next level amount of protection.

EX Alpha’s color lineup includes:

  • Onyx Carbon
  • Razor Blue
  • Matte Black
  • Blizzard Carbon
  • Rossa Corsa
  • Matte


Flaunt your style, protect your ride

Onyxhield, designed meticulously to show the perfect color transmittance of your paint, while protecting your vehicle from damage such as:

  • Various scratches
  • Stone chips
  • Salt & calcium chloride
  • Bug acid & bird droppings
  • Painted surface discoloration
  • Surface damages by various impacts
  • All sorts of water/oil stains & contaminations
  • Door dings

Ultimate Clarity, Ultimate Protection.

Experience the perfect blend of cutting-edge vehicle protection and breathtaking aesthetics with Onyxhield

Beyond safeguarding your vehicle from the harshest driving conditions, we are dedicated to elevating its visual appeal to new heights.

Did you know that over 80% of the information we perceive comes through our sense of sight? Recognizing the paramount importance of vision, Onyxhield‘s Research & Development Team invested years of intensive research and analysis. We delved deep into the realm of ‘optical properties,’ which encompass the way light is transmitted, reflected, and refracted. Thus exploring the ‘discoloration resistance’ against heat, UV rays, and surface contaminants.

The result? A groundbreaking achievement – the world’s first Optical Paint Protection Film. This innovation is not just a shield; it’s a visual enhancer, meticulously crafted to make your vehicle stand out in both performance and aesthetics. Discover the future of automotive protection and style with Onyxhield.

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Onyxhield PPF Provides the ultimate protection and paint clarity solution for your vehicle.

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