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tesla ppf
Paint Protection Film

Tesla PPF

Tesla Paint Protection Film

Are you wondering how to protect your Tesla from relentless road debris and adverse weather conditions? Paint protection film is your solution. It’s a simple and effective way to protect your Tesla’s paintwork, ensuring it continues to look brand new.

Even the smallest scratch or the accumulation of road debris can affect your car’s paint, making it look less than perfect. Rayno’s Paint Protection Film, Onyxhield, can reduce the time and effort required to maintain your Tesla’s pristine condition. Our innovative PPF not only provides an invisible shield for your car but also boosts its visual appeal.

Onyxhield offers a range of film colors and designs to match diverse tastes and requirements. Find the perfect Tesla PPF and use our Dealer Locator tool to request a quote when you’re ready!

Our Best Tesla PPF Options

Onyxhield Optical Paint Protection Film

Onyxhield Optical Paint Protection Film

Onyxhield Optical Paint Protection Film is expertly engineered to complement the sleek design of Tesla vehicles, providing top-tier defense against the rigors of the road. With its advanced optical technology, Onyxhield offers a crystal-clear barrier that maintains the vibrant look of Tesla's unique paint colors while offering self-healing properties for enduring protection. Tesla owners can trust Onyxhield to deliver an invisible shield that not only preserves the beauty of their vehicle but also strengthens its resilience to everyday driving road debris and weather conditions.
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Creed Paint Protection Film

Creed Paint Protection Film

Creed Paint Protection Film is a fine option for your Tesla. It utilizes top-coating material and technology to provide scratch resistance and durability. Its adhesive quality ensures a flawless fit, conforming seamlessly to the unique contours of Tesla models, offering an invisible yet robust barrier against the elements. With Creed PPF, Tesla owners can drive with confidence, knowing their vehicle is protected.
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Essential Areas to Protect With PPF for Your Tesla

Partial Front End

This basic package typically encompasses the initial 18-22 inches of the hood and fenders, the entire front bumper, mirror caps, and other crucial impact zones that warrant protection.

Full Front End

The next step up in protection is commonly referred to as the “Full Front” package. This enhanced level of coverage extends to the entire hood, full fenders, and additional high-impact areas, providing a more comprehensive shield.

Full Body

This represents the ultimate in full-body protection. The entire vehicle, including the roof, doors, pillars, and more, will be meticulously covered with edge-to-edge protection, featuring wrap and roll-over techniques applied wherever possible on all panels.

A-Pillars & Roof

Maintain your Tesla’s upper front parts and protect against the onslaught of road debris with PPF applied to the A-pillars and the leading edge of the roof.

Door Edges

Door edges are surprisingly susceptible to chipping on a Tesla, but with Door Edge Guards, you can keep your paint job pristine and shielded from those unexpected knocks and bumps.

Luggage Strip

For those occasions when you’re hefting luggage in and out of your vehicle, a PPF luggage strip is a smart addition to safeguard the trunk area from unsightly scratches and wear.

Rocker Panels

Driving a Tesla means experiencing the thrill of instant torque, but it also means you’re likely to send a barrage of rocks flying behind you. Protecting your rocker panels is essential to prevent damage from these high-velocity pebbles.


Headlight protection by Rayno ensures that your Tesla’s lights remain as luminous as the day you bought the car, despite the wear and tear from the road, UV rays, and other environmental factors.


Get a resilient barrier against the high-speed impact of road debris, which is particularly common due to Tesla’s impressive acceleration capabilities. This will ensure the hood maintains its sleek, unblemished appearance that complements the iconic Tesla design.

Hood & Front Fenders

Protect your Tesla’s factory paint from rock chips that result from the exhilarating acceleration in Ludicrous Mode, while also ensuring your vehicle retains the head-turning elegance that matches its quick 0 to 60 mph performance.

Rear Bumper

Applying PPF to the rear bumper of a Tesla is a savvy move to mitigate the impacts of high-speed pebble kicks, which are common given the instant acceleration capabilities of Tesla’s electric powertrain, particularly in models equipped with Ludicrous or Insane Mode.

Front Bumper

Applying PPF to a Tesla front bumper is a smart choice, safeguarding against the paint damage from road debris that Tesla’s low front fascia often encounters.

Door Sills

PPF can guard against the scuffs and wear from the unique ‘falcon wing’ door movements of your Model X and frequent passenger ingress and egress for other Tesla models.

Door Handles

Protect against the unique wear from Tesla’s distinctive auto-presenting feature, ensuring the handles retain their sleek functionality and appearance.

Center Console & Touch Screen

The minimalist design of Tesla’s dashboard and the state-of-the-art touchscreen console can be shielded from scratches and fingerprints with Rayno PPF, ensuring the interior maintains its sleek appearance.


Benefits of Tesla PPF

If you treasure your Tesla and have ever experienced the distress of a rock chip or the frustration of a scratch from a shopping cart, you understand the importance of protecting your vehicle. PPF provides this essential protection as a transparent film that shields the exterior of your Tesla Model from:

  • Scratches
  • Scuffs
  • Dents
  • Minor chips

Tesla’s endorsement of PPF application reflects their commitment to preserving the flawless condition of your car over time.

PPF isn’t just a protective barrier; it’s a new technology with self-healing properties that automatically repairs minor abrasions and scratches. Its substantial thickness and flexibility enable it to conform perfectly to your vehicle’s curves, offering defense against the annoying rock chips and routine damage caused by stray gravel and sand particles.

By preserving the original paint finish, PPF can maintain the looks and boost the resale value of your Tesla.

Tesla PPF Kits

PPF kits for Tesla are designed to combine protection with precision fitting. They are custom-tailored for an exact fit on various parts of the car, such as the hood, bumpers, and mirrors, ensuring that maximum protection is provided where your vehicle needs it most.

Choosing the right PPF kit involves more than just the perfect fit—it’s about selecting a high-quality film that offers optimal defense against damage. It’s important to consider not only the protection level but also factors such as your Tesla’s paint color, finish characteristics, and your budget to ensure that you select a brand that meets your needs.

For those seeking the ultimate in paint protection, Onyxhield PPF is a great choice. Onyxhield’s superior quality and advanced technology provide your Tesla with the best defense against the elements and everyday wear. Contact a PPF installer today to apply Onyxhield to your vehicle and drive with confidence, knowing your Tesla is well-protected.

Tesla Model 3 PPF

Regarding protection for the Tesla Model 3, a variety of Paint Protection Film (PPF) packages can be offered. These range from partial to full front coverage, each providing a different degree of safeguarding based on what you seek and prefer. Rayno offers PPF solutions that can be tailored specifically for the Tesla Model 3 with options like partial PPF, full front PPF, or complete vehicle coverage.

Common areas Tesla Model 3 owners protect:

  • The entirety of the hood
  • The entire front bumper
  • Both left and right fenders fully covered
  • Side mirrors
  • A-Pillars area
  • Rocker panels beneath doors
  • Rear bumper’s splash guard section

DIY: How To Apply PPF to Your Tesla Model 3

If you’re an enthusiast of do-it-yourself projects, you can certainly apply PPF to your Tesla Model 3 on your own. That’s right – with a bit of patience and the right technique, you can outfit your Tesla with the protection it needs right in your own garage. Here are the steps to follow for a successful DIY PPF application:

  • Preparation: Begin by meticulously cleaning the surface of your vehicle to remove any contaminants.
  • Slip Solution: Mix a slip solution consisting of about 85% water and 15% baby shampoo. This will prevent the film from sticking too early, allowing you to adjust and position it with ease.
  • Alignment and Application: Carefully align the PPF with your vehicle’s contours and edges, ensuring there is no misplacement or excess material.
  • Squeegee Technique: Use a squeegee to smooth out the film for a seamless, bubble-free finish.

For optimal adhesion of the PPF, it’s essential to apply it in a dry environment with a temperature that is conducive to the film’s adherence. Moreover, avoid any contact with water or rain for at least 24 hours after application. While the entire process can be quite detailed and may take up to a week to fully cure, the time and effort invested will be well worth it for the long-term protection of your vehicle.

Partial vs. Full Front Coverage

Many people debate on how much coverage to invest in. A partial front PPF shields critical impact zones on your vehicle, including the front bumper and specified sections of the hood and fenders, from damages like rock chips and general wear and tear.

In contrast, a full-front PPF provides more extensive coverage by enveloping the entire front bumper, hood, and fenders, offering a wide-ranging barrier against a variety of potential hazards from road debris and environmental factors. Naturally, this better coverage comes with a higher price tag. Starting at $1,150, the partial front option presents a basic defense that is budget-friendly.

Regional Considerations for Tesla Owners

As a Tesla owner, it’s fascinating to see how the popularity and sales of Teslas in your area can influence the availability and demand for Paint Protection Film (PPF). Take California, for instance—home to about 10 percent of Tesla’s global vehicle sales. Despite a 10 percent dip in Tesla registrations in Q4 2023, a whopping 60.5 percent of all electric vehicles in California were still Teslas.

Here’s a snapshot of Tesla’s presence in key states between 2021-2022, which also reflects the potential market for PPF:

  • California boasted around 366K Teslas
  • Florida was home to approximately 62.2K
  • Texas counted nearly 52.6K
  • New Jersey saw close to 31.1K

Other states like Colorado, Arizona, and Georgia have reported significant Tesla sales as well, underscoring the brand’s widespread appeal. These figures are more than just numbers; they represent regions where you, as a Tesla owner, are likely to find a robust market for PPF. This means easier access to products and services designed to protect your investment. Whether you’re a current Tesla owner or considering becoming one, these statistics are a valuable indicator of where you’ll find the best resources for maintaining your vehicle’s pristine condition with PPF.


In summary, Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an invaluable investment for Tesla owners, serving as a resilient shield against scratches and maintaining the car’s aesthetic appeal, thereby enhancing its future resale value. Available in various coverage options, from partial front-end kits to full vehicle wraps, PPF caters to different preferences and budgets. Before investing, it’s essential to consider your options, whether you’re inclined towards a DIY project or professional installation. Regular maintenance, including proper cleaning and inspections, is crucial to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the PPF. Despite the initial cost, the long-term benefits of high-quality paint protection make it a worthwhile consideration for the care of your Tesla. To find the nearest professional PPF installer, please visit our Dealer Locator.