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Architectural Window Film


Enjoy the benefits of solar control with clear visibility to the outside and enhanced privacy inside your home with Rayno’s building window tint.

Platinum Series


Rayno’s Platinum window film products will provide:

Clean and clear shield against harmful rays

Tested and certified to show that it blocks 99% of harmful UV rays
Effects of ray blocking are dazzling. Offers clean and clear view outside

Reduce heating and cooling costs with outstanding solar control

Room temperature reduction of up to 7.2 ºF when warm outside, leading to an annual energy reduction of up to 15.5%
Prevent heat loss in cool weather

Protection for your property

Helps prevent furniture and floor discoloration from damaging solar rays
Minimizes damage in event of window shatter


Rayno’s Platinum window tint is ideal for both
commercial and residential spaces, including:

  • image

    Office Building

  • cekuhn-GBhh6nhbI5Q-unsplash

    Curtain wall building

  • michael-shannon-p-Z6goDpoMo-unsplash

    Public buildings

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    Apartments and condominium buildings


Benefits of Platinum Series Premium Window Film

Rayno’s architectural window film is ideal for both homes and commercial properties. This window tint provides superior protection for the building’s occupants and belongings by reducing up to 99 percent of ultraviolet radiation, without sacrificing visibility and aesthetics. These products also reduce glare and can provide security through reducing the opacity of the window from the outside.

Adding residential or commercial window tinting to your building reduces the amount of heat gain through the windows. In properties with large exterior windows, this helps lower energy costs significantly while also increasing the level of comfort inside. With this energy-saving window tinting installed, you won’t have to worry about hot spots in well-lit areas.

Commercial and home window tint each provide the same level of protection and benefit, making these the ideal supplement to your space.


U-VALUE || W/m2K
PL-BC3599Bluish Charcoal35%99.9%0.526.8%0.4555%76.6%6.0

Energy Savings


Using ISO and German Building Standards, RAYNO conducted a series of tests in various heat and cold conditions. Here are the results:

  • 15.2% energy reduction for the Platinum film PL-BL5099
  • 13.4% energy reduction for the Platinum film PL-BL7080

Temperature Reduction

We tested windows installed with RAYNO Platinum vs uninstalled clear windows on the hottest days in the hottest months in Seoul, South Korea. Here are the results:

  • Up to 24° lower temperature using RAYNO Platinum
  • 14% average temperature reduction