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Car Paint Protection

Don’t suffer from a scratched-up ride. Get ahead of the problem by investing in car paint protection. After all, the way your car looks says a lot about you, and you want to make a good impression.

Learn more about why paint protection is beneficial for your vehicle and the best paint protection film and ceramic coating products from Rayno. We can keep your ride looking its best, and you’ll love the Rayno difference.


Benefits of Paint Protection

We often imagine that taking care of our vehicle’s exterior begins and ends with a good washing. Unfortunately, more factors are working against you and your vehicle’s appearance than you may even know.

Your ride takes a beating from the sun’s UV rays, sand, road salt, bird droppings, and other pollutants. All these chemicals damage your car’s clear coat and leave you with a faded and damaged exterior.

You invested in your ride — don’t let that investment go to waste and settle for a car you hardly want to look at. If you want to worry less about the elements and enjoy your vehicle while knowing it will look great, it’s time for car paint protection.


Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film is a clear urethane film that is applied to the painted surfaces of a car in order to protect them from chips, scratches, and other types of damage. PPF is also commonly referred to as “clear bra” or “clear paint protection.” It can also be used exclusively on the parts of the car most exposed to the elements. PPF lasts years and is ideal for applying once and forgetting about.

CREED is a top choice for a PPF product. Our paint protection film is developed with our innovative top-coating material and technology. This is a self-healing film that can repair minor scuff marks and scratches under heat. And unlike other PPF products, CREED doesn’t stain easily. The anti-yellow technology ensures that not only is the original exterior safe but looks great too.


Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating for car is a clear, durable, and protective coating that is applied to the car’s paintwork. This type of coating creates a barrier between the paint and the environment, protecting the paint from UV rays, dirt, and other contaminants. A ceramic coating can also make the car’s paintwork easier to clean. However, be careful — there are a lot of poor-quality versions of this style of paint protection.

To avoid low-quality ceramic coating products, look no further than Blask Ceramic Coating. Blask’s nanotechnology actively repels dirt and liquids, leaving your car protected by the elements. Our ceramic coating will leave you with a shiny exterior for an extended period of months, similar to if you’d just had a wax job done yesterday.


Car Wax & Paint Sealants

Wax and sealants are popular car paint protection methods. This often leaves a shiny look and is simple to apply. However, it requires regular reapplication. These options are by no means a long-term investment. Wax may only last a few weeks. While they work fine, they’re by no means solutions that will protect your car from the elements for months and years to come.


Which Paint Protection Is Best?

Wax and sealants may be a short-term, affordable option. However, for the best, long-term results, you’ll want to consider paint protection film or ceramic coating. Between the two, there are a few differences.

The biggest pro of paint protection film is its self-healing qualities. Rock chips, swirl marks, and scuffs can be minimized. Some PPF products may be less water-resistant, so superior products like CREED that have anti-yellowing technology are recommended for best results.

Ceramic coating is an excellent option if you want to keep your car paint looking shiny. It isn’t self-healing but has a level of scratch resistance. You may need to do some paint corrective work on your car before application, but the final, shiny result will be well worth the time and investment.

If you’re searching for superior car paint protection, look no further than our product lineup. Our paint protection film and ceramic coating are ideal for your ride, and you’ll love the finish. You may even love it so much you’ll look forward to car washing day.