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Architectural Window Film

Rayno’s architectural home window film series protects your skin and eyes by reducing ultraviolet rays up to 99% and maximizes your energy efficiency. Rayno film strengthens glass more than 20 times and safely protects you and your family from window damage by storms or unwanted intrusions

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Home and Residential Window Film

The sunlight streaming through your home’s windows makes a beautiful and cozy picture, but what you may not realize is that sunlight also is damaging your skin and your belongings, all while heating your home and making your air conditioner work twice as hard. Closing the curtains is a possible solution, but it blocks your view and the ambiance of natural light. So, what is the solution? Tinted house windows.

At Rayno, we offer a line of residential window film that will help protect your family and your belongings without actually covering your windows. Our superior products are designed to last, without warping or fading, so you can enjoy many years of use. If you’ve been considering tinting home windows on your property, you need to consider Rayno’s superior products.


Home Window Film Benefits

At Rayno, our goal is to create products that both improve the comfort and the safety of those who use them. Our residential window tinting products do just that. If you invest in window tinting for your home, you will enjoy a number of window film benefits, including:

  • Greater Comfort — Natural sunlight is warming and welcoming, but it can also heat your home. Excessive heat and glare from sunlight impacts the enjoyment of your home. House window tinting from Rayno can cut down on these factors, improving your comfort level at home.
  • Improved Efficiency — Much of your home’s energy is lost through drafty windows or affected when the sunlight heats the air inside your home. Rayno’s residential window film can lower your power bills and improve your home’s energy performance by up to 15 percent.
  • Improved Safety — Rayno window tint blocks up to 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays from entering your home. These rays prematurely age and damage your skin, and fade or discolor your furnishings and your home’s architecture.
  • Improved Window Strength — One of the lesser-known benefits of tinted house windows is the added strength that tint provides. The film can help protect your window from shattering due to impact from rocks, hail, and even intruders. Rayno’s tint can increase window strength by as much as 20 percent.

With the number of benefits residential window tint provides, you can clearly see that it is a wise investment for your home. Save on energy, increase your safety and security, and improve the aesthetics of your home with house window film from Rayno.


Choose the best home window film for heat rejection and privacy

Investing in window tint makes sense for your home, but how can you choose the right one? If you are going to spend the money on tint, you need to know that it’s going to last and provide the level of performance you demand and expect. That’s exactly what you will find with Rayno’s window tint products.

Rayno’s home window film utilizes the latest technology to combine exceptional strength with superior UV ray filtering. This means your film will last years without fading or warping, all while providing excellent protection for your family. For the best quality and performance in residential window film, trust Rayno.


Commercial Window Film

Commercial property owners and facilities managers need the right products to protect their property and encourage productivity within their facilities. To help make the job a little easier, Rayno offers office window tinting products that can help with all of these goals. With superior commercial tinting products, Rayno is ready to help you keep your building safe, secure and comfortable.


Benefits of Commercial Window Film

Reduce Fading of Office Furniture

The UV rays that enter your office or facility with sunlight streaming in through your windows can have a damaging effect on your furniture, floors and supplies. Over time, heat and UV rays combined will cause fading on everything from upholstery to hardwood floors. Unfortunately, once something has been damaged by the sun, there’s little you can do to fix it. Rayno’s office window tinting products block up to 99 percent of UV radiation from the sun. It also helps diminish heat gain. Combined, these two factors reduce the fading on the valuable property at your facility.

Protect Employees from UV Ray Exposure

Employees have the right to expect a safe workplace every time they come to the office. UV radiation exposure from untinted windows is a risk they likely don’t think about. Yet if you do not have commercial window film on your office windows, then your employees are exposed to damaging UV radiation. This radiation can increase skin cancer risk and speed the aging process — installing office window film that blocks UV radiation will give your employees an even safer work environment.

Enjoy Improved Energy Savings

Rayno window film blocks heat from the sun, reducing your energy use and cooling bills. Commercial glass tinting products from Rayno can keep the temperature of your office more comfortable, and even reduce hot spots near windows — helping to lower your energy bills by about 15 percent.

Improve the Security of Your Office

Commercial tinting products from Rayno can increase the strength of your windows by as much as 20 percent. Tinting the windows to limit exterior visibility can also reduce the chances of a thief spotting something through the window for a fast grab. This combination of benefits will make your office more secure.

Improve Productivity in the Workplace

Glare from windows and uncomfortable temperatures from heat gain make your employees less productive. With Rayno’s commercial building window films, you can address both of these problems and increase the overall productivity of your team. A boost in employee productivity can mean more income for your company!


Solar Window Film Lines

If you are going to invest in window film for your home and office , you have a number of companies to choose from, but none offer the level of quality and performance you will find with Rayno. Our line of architectural window film products utilizes the latest technology in window film to provide superior products that last for years without fading and warping. Our products are professionally installed by qualified dealers, so they will effectively protect your home for years to come.

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