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Car Detailing

What Is Car Detailing?

Your car is both a valuable investment and a place you likely spend a significant amount of time in. Regular deep cleaning of both the interior and exterior of your car protects your health and safety as well as that of your vehicle.

That’s where car detailing comes in. Keep reading to learn all about it.


Why is Car Detailing Important?

Whether you’re a road warrior, a local commuter, or somewhere in between, your car needs regular maintenance as the miles add up. External stressors such as tree sap, inclement weather, and gravel can chip your car’s paint and lower its overall value.

Detailing protects your investment by providing a deeper, more comprehensive clean than you can achieve with a car wash. The process removes dust, allergens, and other contaminants from your vehicle’s interior, protecting your health and the well-being of your passengers.

Professional detailing also is the first step in preparing your car for paint protection solutions, such as paint protection film and ceramic coatings. Protecting your vehicle will keep it from getting damaged by corrosive materials and wear and tear, increasing its value and longevity.


What is Included in a Car Detail?

When you book a full car detail from a professional detailer, you can expect rigorous cleaning and restoration services that cover your entire vehicle. Both the inside and the outside of your car will receive meticulous attention using top-of-the-line products.

Professional car detailing is done by hand, which allows the technician to spot and address problem areas you may not have noticed yet. Having your vehicle detailed regularly ensures that any trapped grit, residue, or mold growth will be discovered and dealt with before it spreads or causes damage.

Here’s a closer look at the services your car will receive during a professional detail.


Exterior Car Cleaning

During your detail, the technician will first go over the exterior of your vehicle by hand and note every issue they find. It is followed up by a thorough exterior car care process to bring your exterior back to life and look new.

The detailer will start the exterior detail by selecting high-quality cleaning products to wash your car. They will use clean microfiber towels to remove dirt, grime, tree sap, and dead bugs, keeping a close eye on any problem areas they found earlier. After a thorough wash, they will dry it off with a plush microfiber or shammy towel.

Next up is to clay the car. They will use a clay bar and a lubricant spray to remove any baked-in contaminants panel by panel. If your clear coat is marred with swirl marks, the detailer will do a paint correction.

After the claying process or paint correction comes the polish and wax to correct and restore your paintwork to its original, showroom shine.

They don’t just focus on the car paint, but all exterior parts.

Your detailer may use a degreasing agent and a microfiber towel to remove congealed grease from your engine bay. This can take anywhere from 25 to 40 minutes, depending on the level of dirt.

Next, your vehicle’s glass will receive extensive attention during the detailing appointment. Glass cleaning removes unsightly smudges and improves visibility.

Finally, your wheels will get cleaned. They will ensure your rims are free from brake dust, oils, and dirt.


Interior Car Cleaning

The detailer will start the interior detailing by vacuum cleaning your vehicle’s interior. They will remove debris and dander from the seats, mats, floor areas, and trunk. Minor stains may be addressed with a scrubbing brush, while deeper or more permanent marks may require steam cleaning.

Regarding car interiors, dirt and grime can hide in any nook and cranny. The process can take 30 – 45 mins to complete.

If you have leather seats, they will finish them off with a leather cleaner to bring back the supple look and shine. A good leather cleaning product keeps your leather from quickly cracking or looking dull from UV rays and daily usage.

After they’re finished cleaning the inside of your vehicle, the detailer may use a deodorizing spray to freshen your car’s interior and make it smell brand new.


What's the Difference Between a Car Wash and Detailing?

A car wash may be effective in removing dirt from your car’s exterior, but it doesn’t protect the paint or extend the life of your vehicle the way detailing can. Detailing is more thorough because it’s done by hand using professional materials such as a clay bar to achieve like-new results.

Furthermore, detailing requires a higher degree of skill and a wider range of knowledge than simply washing your vehicle. The precision pays off by increasing your vehicle’s value and making you feel like you’re driving a brand-new car all over again.


What are Common Car Detailing Prices?

The cost of car detailing services depends on where you live, the size of your vehicle, and the amount of cleaning it requires. Car owners can expect to pay anywhere from $25-75 for basic detailing services. A more experienced detailer will likely charge more than a company that hasn’t been operating as long.

On-the-job experience and adherence to proper techniques are two good reasons to hire a trained technician to handle the detail for you. However, you can save money by purchasing professional-grade detailing products and learning to use them yourself.

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How to Choose the Best Car Detailing Supplies

Before purchasing detailing supplies, research the brands used by reputable professionals in your area. Cheap products can damage your car and reverse the work you’ve put into your detail.

Enter Blask — our full line-up of professionally formulated auto detailing products designed to restore your vehicle to a like-new condition.

We use the highest-grade formulas and materials to ensure your car receives the care and attention it deserves. There’s a Blask product for every detail stage to ensure your ride looks just like new.

Get Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Expert detailers answer to some commonly asked questions about car detailing.

Car detailing involves thorough interior and exterior cleaning, restoration, and finishing of a vehicle to enhance its overall appearance. It is much more thorough than a standard car wash, which involves only washing the exterior with normal car soap.

You can detail your car as often as you would like. We recommend as least every quarter to maintain your car’s appearance and keep it protected from harsh dirt and pollutants. It’s advisable to take your car through a standard car washes in between your full car detailing services.

Car detailing preserves your vehicle’s value by removing contaminants that degrade paint & interiors. It enhances the overall appearance, because it helps bring back a deep shine & pristine interior cabin. Regular detailing can boost resale value, because it gives off the impression of a well-maintained car. Car shoppers prefer previous car owners who investment in the vehicle’s looks and longevity.

Professionals use high-quality car detailing products, such as cleaners, polishes, and waxes. They follow a step-by-step process to make sure everything gets treated equally and the end result leaves the car looking shiny and fresh.

Detailing packages vary, including exterior, interior, and engine detailing, each with specific services and costs. We recommend finding the nearest Rayno dealer to ask about specific car detailing packages and pricing.