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Best Window Tint in Baton Rouge for your Car and Home


Rayno Dealer Shops


    Are you looking for window tinting in Baton Rouge? If you are, you can rely on our Rayno tint shops for all your window tint needs. Among the services that we offer are residential window tinting services, commercial window tinting services, and car tinting services. You can get our tint installed through any of our tint shops, although we also have mobile tint services across Baton Rouge. Remember to follow the tint laws. Your tinter will let you know the legal percentage to follow. Learn more about medical exemptions according to the Louisiana State Legislature.


    If you are looking for reliable tinting services, you can trust our tinters to deliver unmatched services to wherever you are within Baton Rouge. With our mobile tint services in Baton Rouge, you can be sure that we can serve you from wherever you are. Our mobile tinting shops are fully stocked and our techs will conveniently come to wherever you are and tint your vehicle or home.


    If you have been wondering how much it would cost you to install tint on your windows, you are not alone. Many car owners often want to know how much they should be paying before deciding to tint their car windows. Knowing the cost of tinting a car will allow you to budget properly and set aside the required amount. The cost of a car tint Baton Rouge varies significantly and it can depend on several factors. The factors that determine the average cost of tinting your car include:

    The total number of windows: The number of windows your car has will determine how much you will pay for tinting services. The more the windows, the higher the cost of tinting and vise versa.

    Type of vehicle: Vehicles have different sizes of windows and this will determine the cost you will incur when tinting them. If your car model has small windows, the cost will be significantly lower as compared to models with larger windows.

    Type of tint: We use different types of tints and each of them is available at a specific cost. Some of the tints are relatively cheap while the best auto tint Baton Rouge can be significantly expensive. For instance, the cost of installing a ceramic tint will be significantly higher when compared to that of installing a non-ceramic tint.


    Rayno Phantom Series

    If you want high-quality nano carbon ceramic tint Baton Rouge, just contact Rayno Window Film and enjoy unmatched professionalism. Rayno Phantom Seriesis a premium film and our best nano carbon ceramic film. It is designed to offer you top notch color stability. It has nano-encapsulated ceramic particles to enhance its amazing heat rejection feature, thus making it highly durable.

    Rayno MonoCarbon

    This 2-ply real carbon-based tint film utilizes our nano-technology, which has no metals or dyes in it. Rayno Mono Carbon is an affordable film made from carbon. It will work to give your car a black shade that will not fade over time like cheap $99 dyed films.

    Rayno AIR7090

    This auto window film tint is for the front windshield. Rayno AIR7090 is a nano ceramic film that can be used for the windshield of different automotive and other architectural designs.

    Rayno CREED

    We offer a paint protection film called CREED. We brought our nano-technology to our paint protection film. Apply this film to protect your car’s paint from rock damage, chips, and other road debris.


    Are you looking for a residential window tinting service provider? If yes, some of our shops offer residential window tinting in Baton Rouge. Our tinting services will come in handy if you are looking keep your interior cooler and save on energy costs. It also reduces the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays on your furniture, thus enhancing their durability. Our residential window tinting services will also give your home a unique appearance that will make your home stand out from the rest. Research has shown that homeowners prefer tinted windows because they give them a sense of privacy. Our premium residential film is Rayno Platinum.


    If you are looking for reliable window tinting services, contact Rayno Window Film tint shop today for all your tinting needs. We offer residential, commercial and automotive tinting services for residents of Baton Rouge at competitive prices. To do this, we have Rayno Tint Shops across Baton Rouge, which means that you can walk into any of them and request a price quote any time you need tinting or related services and products. If you have not found any of our shops near you, visit our website and use the dealer locator to find the nearest Rayno Tint Shop around you. To use our dealer locator, visit