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How To Care For Tinted Windows

How To Care For Tinted Windows

Window film is a wise investment, offering numerous benefits for your home, office or car. Understandably, if you’re going to invest in film for your windows, you want to get the best and longest life out of them. While Rayno Window Film’s products are designed to exceed the competition as far as longevity, there are also steps you can take to increase the lifespan and ensure that your windows look great for many years. Here are some tips to help you care for your tinted windows well.

Proper Cleaning for Your Windows

Cleaning your windows properly involves the following steps: First, be sure to wait for the window tint to cure. This can take between seven and 30 days, depending on climate, before cleaning. Some hazing and even water pockets are normal during this time, so don’t worry. When you’re ready to clean the windows, use a clean rubber squeegee or a cotton cloth. If cleaner is needed, choose one made specifically for window film, and avoid everything that contains ammonia or harsh cleaning chemicals. Warm, soapy water can also work.

To clean, lightly mist the cleaner of your choice, then wipe it with a clean, soft microfiber or cotton cloth. Turn the cloth regularly to present a clean surface. Once wiped clean, spray again and use a soft rubber squeegee to stroke the glass until it’s dry — moving horizontally from top to bottom. If there is any cleaner residue on the boarders of the window, towel it off.

If the window has any residual glue or adhesive from items that were taped to it, use a cotton cloth dabbed with acetone to remove it. Acetone won’t hurt the film but will quickly remove the adhesive. Wipe clean after removing the residue.

Cleaning Solutions and Products

You might be wondering, what can I use to clean tinted car windows? The answer is a mild cleaning agent or water. We recommend never to use products with ammonia, because it will cause it to discolor and damage your window tint installed to the inside of your windows. You need to be careful and not damage the film by scrubbing or using a harsh cleaner. Use a spray bottle and a soft microfiber cloth with water if your window is not extremely dirty.

Window Tinting Cleaning Tips

There are several tips to consider when cleaning your tinted windows.

  • You need to make sure the tinted film is not damaged.
  • Use warm water with just a drop of dish soap works great.
  • Use a soft microfiber cloth to gently wipe down the window in one direction.
  • Use a Mr. Clean sponge and water to wipe the window and leave it sparkling clean.

When cleaning your tinted windows, you also need to be careful around the edge of the tint. You don’t want to catch the edge when wiping down the windows or the tint will start to peel away from the glass.

It’s also better to use soft cloths when cleaning tinted windows instead of paper towels. A paper towel will often leave bits a fiber on the window and it’s hard to get a streak-free shine.

5 Steps to Clean Tinted Windows

Here are some steps on how to clean tinted windows.

  1. Park your car in a shady spot.
  2. Open the doors of your car and look for heavily soiled areas on the windows.
  3. Use an ammonia-free cleaner to wipe down each window with a soft cloth.
  4. Take a small squeegee and wipe the remaining liquid from the window – starting from the top and moving down.
  5. If there is liquid near the edges of the tinted film, wipe with a towel.

Once you have followed these easy steps, walk around your car and make sure you don’t see any streaks on the windows. You might need to move your car back into the sunshine and sit inside to make sure all of the cleaning residue is removed from the glass. Then head out for a drive around town and enjoy the sunshine and your clear view from clean tinted windows.

Window Film Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t use ammonia or other harsh chemicals.
  • Do use a chemical cleaner that states it’s safe for window film.
  • Don’t clean the windows right after having film installed, as it needs time to cure.
  • Do clean the exterior of car windows as you normally would, because tint is installed to the interior of the window.
  • Don’t roll down your windows that have been tinted for a week after your installation or longer, depending on the weather, when you have the tint installed.
  • Do use soft cloths and squeegees to clean tinted windows.
  • Don’t use razor blades, scrapers or abrasive cleaning compounds on tinted windows.
  • Do ask your installer what cleaning product is best to use on the windows.

It doesn’t matter if you have home window tint or auto glass tint, these tips will help ensure your newly installed tint will serve you well.

Increase Longevity by Installing the Right Tint

Another way to increase window tint longevity is to invest in professional window tinting installation using the best window tint. Rayno’s products have proven to offer superior durability and long-lasting tint color. What’s more, they will resist fading and damage while offering exceptional UV filtering and other benefits for years. Find an installer near you to invest in our window tint, then use these strategies to keep your tint beautiful for the long term.

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