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Texas Tint Laws: What You Must Know Before Tinting Your Car Windows

Texas Tint Laws: What You Must Know Before Tinting Your Car Windows

Texas has bright sunshine year-round. But the sun’s UV rays can make your car seats and dashboards crack and fade. The temperature in vehicles gets very hot under the sun. Sunlight causes glare that prevents drivers from seeing the road.

One effective solution for dealing with the bright, hot sun is to put car window tint on your windows. Automotive tint can help mitigate the damage, danger, and discomfort the sun causes. Please exercise caution when installing tint, as there are Texas tint laws that regulate the type and amount of tint that is permissible.

There are enforceable laws regulating how dark your window tint can be in Texas.

Legal Window Tint In Texas

As of 2024, the Texas tint laws for sedans, SUVs, and vans in Texas are as follows:

  • Windshield: 25% VLT tint or more is allowed above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line (top 5 inches).
  • Front Side Windows: 25% VLT or more light transmission is allowed.
  • Back Side Windows: any VLT % is allowed.
  • Rear Windows: any VLT % is allowed for vehicles with outside mirrors on each side of the vehicle. 25% VLT for vehicles without outside mirrors.
  • Reflectivity (tint reflection): No more than 25% reflective.
  • Other Restrictions: Red, amber, and blue are not allowed. Dual side mirrors are required for back tinted windows.

Legal Window Tint In Texas

Is 5% Tint Legal In Texas? What about 20%?

The short answer is NO. Tinted windows must have a light transmittance value of at least 25%, which is the darkest legal tint in Texas. But, this does not apply to people with a medical exemption. Drivers with certain eye problems can get a medical exemption that enables them to ignore the law that says legally tinted windows must have a light transmittance value of at least 25%.

State officials say window tint laws help protect the safety of the public by ensuring drivers can see clearly. These laws also help cops see dangerous or illegal activities inside the vehicle.

Tint Laws for Passenger Vehicles

According to the window tint standards found in the Texas Administrative Code, Title 37, Part 1, Rule 21.3, here is the legal percentage for each car window. The Texas window tint law for passenger vehicles states the VLT value of the tint on the front windshield (applied above the AS-1 line), side windows in the front and back, and the rear windshield must be 25% or less.

Front Windshield Tint Strip

Texas Front Windshield Tint Strip Law

Yes, you can tint the windshield visor in Texas, but there are some limitations.

There is a limit to the size the front windshield tint strip you can have. Tint with a 25% VLT is legal for the top five inches (the visor strip) on the front windshield of any car, truck, or SUV in Texas. This helps drivers block the sun’s glare while being able to see the road ahead. But, the entire rear windshield can have film with a 25% VLT.

Cost Of A Window Tint Ticket

Cost Of A Window Tint Ticket in Texas

People ask, “How much is a ticket for window tint in Texas?” This question is among the most common automobile owners ask. The fine can vary based on the county you are ticketed in. Further, the fee is determined by:

  • How much darker is your tint that the legal limit.
  • How many window tint tickets you have received in the past.
  • Whether you took the tint off or not.

If it’s your first ticket, you can be told to remove the tint and fined as little as $20 to $25. If you don’t remove the tint and receive a second window tint ticket, your ticket fine, including court costs, could be as much as $275. It might continue to increase with every ticket. We recommend following the rules so law enforcement in the state of Texas do not pull you over.

Texas Window & Medical Tint Exemptions

Texas Window Tint Med Exempt Notice

It is possible to get a Texas window tint exemption. Motorists can contact the state’s Department of Public Safety and ask how to acquire a medical exemption. The driver must have a prescription or signed statement from a licensed physician, ophthalmologist, or optometrist. It should state that the driver needs the tint law exemption to safeguard their health.

With a medical waiver, you can have a VLT of under 25% for the two front side windows, except the windshield.

Updates To The Texas Tint Laws In 2024

Drivers can access a complete copy of all the laws governing tint film use for motor vehicles from the Texas DMV website or by visiting their local DMV office.

Where To Get High-Quality Window Tint Film

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