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Maryland Tint Laws – 2024 Complete Guide

Maryland Tint Laws – 2024 Complete Guide

Following Maryland tint laws is an easy way to avoid getting a ticket. Knowing all the rules and regulations will stop you from breaking the law and spending more money to redo your vehicle’s window film. 

Read the complete guide below to ensure your vehicle follows every Maryland window tint law to prevent getting a ticket. 

What Are the Maryland Window Tint Laws?

If you have wondered, “Is 5 tint legal in Maryland?” – the answer is no. The legal film darkness varies by vehicle, but the windows of sedans must have at least 35% light transmittance. Multipurpose vehicles, limousines, vans, and class E trucks are only required to have 35% light transmittance on the driver’s and right-front passenger’s side. This 35% rule applies to Maryland tail light tint laws as well. 

Maryland Tint Laws 2024

maryland car tint laws

The percentage of visible light allowed through your vehicle windows is the visible light transmission or VLT. Your vehicle type regulates the legal limit for window tint in Maryland. 

Maryland’s legal tint permitted for sedans:

  •     Windshield: 35% VLT that is non-reflective is allowed on the AS-1 mark or the top 5 inches.
  •     Front side windows: Must let more than 35% light in.
  •     Backside windows: Must let more than 35% light in.
  •     Rear window: Must let more than 35% light in.

Legal limit for window tint in Maryland for SUVs and vans:

  •     Windshield: 35% VLT that is non-reflective is allowed on the AS-1 mark or the top 5 inches.
  •     Front side windows: Must let more than 35% light in.
  •     Backside window: Any darkness level is permitted.
  •     Rear window: Any darkness level is permitted.

Regarding Maryland’s legal tint reflection laws, no sedans or SUVs are permitted to have a metallic or mirrored appearance. Additionally, Maryland headlight tint laws require that headlights are white and are not obscured by a non-transparent material. 

Other Maryland Rules and Regulations 

  •     Certificates: Manufacturers of the film must certify in the state they sell.
  •     Side Mirrors: Dual side mirrors need to match the back window.
  •     Restricted colors: Red, yellow, and amber film colors are not legal in Maryland.
  •     Stickers: Maryland does not require stickers to identify legal film, but it’s recommended.

How to Get a Tint Waiver in Maryland

A medical waiver can make you exempt from the 35% VLT law. These waivers apply to individuals who need additional protection from the sun and must be obtained as a written certificate from a physician in the state. In addition, you can have a Maryland tint exemption form authorized by the state police Automotive Safety Enforcement Division (ASED). However, the front windshields must still follow the AS-1 mark limit even with the waiver.

Penalties for Non-compliance 

If your vehicle exceeds the darkest legal tint in Maryland, you’re at risk of being pulled over to receive a fix-it ticket. If this happens, you either need to remove the dark tint level or replace it with a film within the legal limit. The $50 citation can become a $1,000 fine if an inspection is not carried out within five business days. 

Choosing The Best Tints in Maryland

maryland tint laws

Now that you know Maryland tint laws, you’re probably wondering, “what tinted window products are legal in Maryland?” 

Rayno Window Film offers high-quality window tint film for your vehicle with VLT% options that are within Maryland window tint laws.

Rayno Phantom Series

Phantom is the world’s first nano carbon ceramic film developed with a patented formula that provides maximum color stability while maintaining clarity. As a result, this is a superior, high-quality film offering the best in performance.

Rayno MonoCarbon

MonoCarbon is our affordable carbon tint that doesn’t include metals or dyes that make other brands fade within months of installation. Choose MonoCarbon over the $99 tints that will need to be replaced in due time.

Rayno Platinum AIR 7090

Platinum AIR 7090 is designed for the front windshield. This windshield tint has the same benefits as our other products but shrinks to fit curved windows better. In addition, it comes in a lighter tint to easily see outside while driving.

Find A Maryland Tint Shop Near You

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