Office Productivity Checklist

During the workweek, office workers typically spend a third of their time in an office environment. So it stands to reason that the environment can significantly impact their moods and motivation levels. Research seems to support this: Numerous studies have found that workplace productivity can be affected in substantial ways by the environment in which […]

Window Protection Against Hailstorms

Hail is one of the most frequent reasons homeowners and car owners send in property damage insurance. The amount of property damages caused by hailstorms each year is in the billions of dollars. When hail strikes, all exposed surfaces of your home and your car are at risk, including your windows. Without the right protection, […]

Six Ways Window Film Improves Workplace Health and Safety

As a business owner, you know the importance of having a functional workplace where workers feel comfortable and productive. Keeping your workplace comfortable and your workers safe are essential to creating a productive work environment. Surprisingly, one of the ways you can improve the comfort and productivity of your workers is with window film. Here’s […]

Furniture and Floor Protection From Sun Damage

Have you ever stopped to take a closer look at your area rug or couch? Have you noticed some signs of fading, especially where the sunlight hits these items? Everything — from your couch to the artwork on your walls — can be damaged by the sun. Here’s what you need to know about why […]

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All Season Window Tinting

Did you know that installing window film can improve your energy bills — not only in the summer, but also in the winter? While many homeowners understand the benefits of window film in the summer, when sun and heat is at its highest levels, the reality is that window film is beneficial year-round. Here’s why: […]

Security Window Film Improves Security

Security Window Film Improves Security

Do you think your home is safe from a potential burglary? Think again! Even with an advanced security system, your home is still vulnerable to smash-and-grab burglary. This type of burglary occurs when a thief smashes the glass in your home and takes everything that can be reached through the hole. In this scenario, even […]

How To Insulate Windows For Winter

Winter is coming, and with it the cold that seems to seep into our homes and setting around us. One way to keep your home warm and cozy this winter is through window winterizing. Adding insulation to your home’s windows can help prevent drafts and heat loss during the coming winter. Here are some ways […]

5 Benefits Of Having A Professional Install Car Window Tint

The benefits of tinted car windows are well known. Not only do they improve the driving experience, but they can also make your car more secure and improve its overall aesthetics. If you want to install tint on your car’s windows, you may be considering doing the job yourself to save a little bit of […]

How To Reduce Energy Costs With Window Film

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 48 percent of a home’s energy costs go toward heating and cooling. This is a substantial amount of money. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy bills and improve the comfort level in your home — while also going “green” by reducing your carbon footprint — […]