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Tinting Windows Yourself or Hiring A Professional Tinter: What’s Better?

Tinting Windows Yourself or Hiring A Professional Tinter: What’s Better?

Window tinting is a common car upgrade among people who love some sense of privacy and protection for their cars. Window film is not only for vehicles but also for commercial and residential windows. Since tint is an option for many types of windows, it is a common upgrade to have. You might ask, “Should I tint my windows?” This is the kind of question that you may have. Should you settle for a DIY window tint or hire a professional window tinter? If you have prior experience, you can opt for the DIY option. But, if you have no idea how the process works, it would be best to consult a professional tinting service provider.

Additionally, your budget should guide you in making the right decision. Window tinting requires skill and patience for the best results. If you don’t have that, you should rely on an expert’s services for more reliable and credible results. They know your windows and what’s legal. A professional understands the tinting laws that are around your area of jurisdiction.

Installing Window Tint Yourself

Is DIY window tinting worth it? Tint helps to enhance your privacy and keep your home, car, or office space cool during summer. It also improves the aesthetic aspect of your property and protects you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. If you have a good grasp of the installation process and can follow what you learn from others. You can do it yourself. Depending on your experience level, it is an inexpensive project that will not take too much time if you are looking for quick results. DIY will save you money that you can use instead for other car and home window improvement projects. So if you are wondering, “Should I tint my car windows myself?” Ask yourself how confident you are in rolling up your sleeves, getting the right tools, and tint to upgrade your windows.

Pros of DIY


The resources you need to do it yourself are 1) kits, 2) skill, and 3) time. Get yourself some quality tint products for better results and efficiency. Buy tint that fits your budget, but don’t just buy the bargain basement tint you find. The overall value you get from a premium tint will outweigh what you will get from a cheap tint. Here are some tips for choosing the best tint.


You can tint your windows whenever is most convenient for you. As long as you have access to a garage or a shady spot, you can get it done on your own time.

Self-reliance, Fun and Family Bonding

In our current situation where we all must stay indoors and social distance, completing DIY projects might be a safe and fun way to bond with your family. Becoming self reliant can help you get the job done without having to speak with someone else. When you do it yourself, and you get it right, you feel a sense of accomplishment. You’ll take pride in the results you can achieve, which boosts your confidence and is a fun way for your children to learn about window tint.

Cons of DIY

There can be downsides to doing things yourself. Below is a list of cons of opting for the DIY option.

It is a challenging task.

It can be time-consuming and hard to get the same results a pro would get. People may lack the level of expertise required to achieve ideal results. The procedure demands attention to detail and knowing how to use a heat gun and scraper. You need to understand how to use all tools and handle the film. The tint film should be cut correctly and applied without leaving unnecessary air bubbles.

Unconducive working environment.

Window tinting requires a working space that is large enough and devoid of any dust and clutter. Lighting is important. You cannot have too much. So if you are doing it out in the direct sun, you will not get desirable results. If it’s too dark in your garage or parking lot, it will be impossible to accurately apply the film.

Legal issues.

Different states have different rules governing car modifications. See what tint is legal by state. Most car owners don’t know or overlook the fact that they need to adhere to strict window tint laws in their state. Failure to conform to the local government’s set rules and DMW could attract hefty fines that could put a massive hole in your wallet from law enforcement officers. Ensure you know what the legal % is for all your windows in your state before buying tint. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law for not adhering to the legal window treatment.

Going To A Professional Window Tinter

There are many benefits of having a professional window tinter install tint. If you want to achieve desirable results, value for your money, and peace of mind, rely on a professional’s window tinting skills. Let’s check some of the advantages and disadvantages of going the professional installation route.

Pros of Professional Window Tinting

Experienced technicians.

Professional tinters will have the tools and experience to get the job done quickly. They will have tools like a slip solution, a lint-free cleaning cloth, a razor knife, a scraper blade, an application squeegee, heat gun, and proper skills. The end result will probably be better than what you can do yourself.

Window tinting guarantees and warranties.

A reputable shop that does good business will guarantee a professional installation. If there are issues with the tint right after it’s applied or a few days, week, months after, your tint shop can look into your issue. They will take their time and money to make sure you are 100% satisfied. If they use a quality window film with a lifetime warranty, such as Rayno, you can be rest assured that if the tint fails for any reason, you will be covered.

They know the tint laws and regulations.

Tint laws can get confusing because each state is different. A tint shop will have experience with what types of film to use and the laws that apply to your window film. Following the rules and regulations in your state and municipality will help prevent cops from stopping you for dark tints. Dark windows are a safety hazard for both the driver and pedestrians, so state governments and police officers can be strict about dark tint.

Cons of Professional Tinting


Your car might end up with rookies who are new in the industry. Some may lack the experience required to install the window film the right way. Always check their website and read their customer reviews. Don’t assume that every tinter is a seasoned professional. Choose an installer with an excellent reputation to stay on the safe side.


A quality job might demand a higher price. If you expect to get the best from a service provider, you should be ready for a higher cost. Professionals have high overhead. They use advanced tools and have the skills to use them. DIY tint projects are much cheaper since you won’t have to outsource the labor or spend on overhead costs.


Different shops work with varying tint brands. As a customer, you have no control over the tint they apply to your car. A quality tint is essential. That’s why you should look for a shop that carries the tint you want. Use our dealer locator to find a Rayno tint shop near you.

Where to Find a Reputable Tint Shop

Use our dealer locator to pinpoint the shop that offers professional installation. Each dealer carries different Rayno products, so be sure to go to one that offers the specific window film you are looking for. For a high-quality, advanced window film, look into our Rayno Phantom Series film. This is our top of the line tint that is manufactured with our nano carbon-ceramic technology. For a more affordable alternative, take a look at MonoCarbon. This is our carbon-based film that is perfect for first-time car owners or for people who do not want to break the bank with their car upgrades. If you want tint for your home or business, take a look at our architectural film lines. Click here to find your nearest Rayno dealer.