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5 Benefits Of Having A Professional Install Car Window Tint

5 Benefits Of Having A Professional Install Car Window Tint

The benefits of tinted car windows are well known. Not only do they improve the driving experience, but they can also make your car more secure and improve its overall aesthetics. If you want to install tint on your car’s windows, you may be considering doing the job yourself to save a little bit of money. Before you do, make sure you understand these five benefits of hiring a professional for this important job.

1. Window Tint Installed Within the Bounds of the Law

Each state has specific regulations regarding window tint, including what colors are allowed and window clarity levels. If you tint your windows yourself, you must spend the time to research these laws, and the chances increase that you may inadvertently overlook some of these guidelines. When you partner with a local window tinting professional, you can be confident that the process will be handled in line with the current laws and regulations, so you can drive your car safely, and without fear of a ticket or fine.

2. Proper Installation Techniques

Car tint requires careful precision to ensure the proper adhesion and longevity. Even the slightest breeze during the installation process can create unsightly creases. Window tint is also quite sensitive to temperature, and DIY kits are even more flimsy and temperamental. Doing it yourself could lead to ugly mistakes.

When you hire a professional to tint the windows of your car, truck or SUV, you are hiring someone who has the knowledge to do the job right the first time. These professionals have been trained on proper procedures, have the right tools to ensure a correct fit, and can easily remove doorframes when needed to access windows. If you want to avoid the frustration and wasted time that occurs when you have to do your window tint over, hire a professional to install it right the first time.

3. Window Tinting Guarantees

Many window tint products come with guarantees about the longevity and colorfastness of the product, but these will only apply when the tint is installed professionally. In fact, many companies — including Rayno Window Film — will only allow their tinting products to be installed by professionals so they can stand by their products and guarantees.

4. Potential to Save Money

Before you assume that the DIY route is the more cost-effective option, consider the fact that many individuals who do their own tinting have to redo the job. The cost of additional materials will quickly eat up your cost savings. Not only that, but when you install your own tint, you will likely have some wasted film, either from mistakes or from trimming the tint around the windows. A professional will waste less, and thus the material cost may be lower. Finally, you must consider the value of your time. If you drop off your vehicle with a pro, you free a significant chunk of time.

5. Improved Customer Service

Professional tint installers need to exceed their customers’ expectations in order to truly succeed in what they do. When you take your car or truck to a professional, you can expect exceptional customer service and useful tips on how to care and clean of new window tint. If you aren’t satisfied with the installation, you will be able to get it fixed.

Don’t trust your car window tinting to your own hands. Take it to the professionals to ensure the proper adhesion and a beautiful finished product. Rayno Window Film makes it easy to find a professional with our dealer locator. Find a Rayno dealer today!