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Working From Home Tips: Home Office Window Treatments

Working From Home Tips: Home Office Window Treatments

The nationwide shelter in place order Americans are living under because of COVID-19 has forced many people to work from home for the first time. However, it’s possible to remain productive by creating a comfortable home office. The following are some ideas to improve productivity and show you how to get comfortable and focused in your home office. Things as simple as controlling the amount of direct sunshine you let in, keeping the temperature in your workspace comfortable, and adding an attractive window treatment, can enhance your work environment and make you more productive.

Working From Home Tips

To maintain and enhance your productivity when working from home, it’s essential to create the right atmosphere in your home office. For many people, the right home office window treatments can make a dramatic difference. There are a number of very beautiful home office window curtains, vertical and horizontal blinds, and window film people can use to let in just the right amount of natural light while keeping the temperature comfortable and their workspace looking attractive. That combination is often the key to helping people enjoy and be more productive in their home offices.

Office Aesthetics Motivate And Inspire

Research shows office aesthetics inspire and motivate workers and help to increase productivity. These window treatment ideas for home office enhancement can help people working from home to stay cool, focused, inspired, and motivated to achieve maximum productivity. A pleasant work environment makes people feel, focus and work better and be more productive

Home Office Window Ideas

The following are some innovative, attractive, affordable, home office window treatment ideas people can use to create a work environment that’s beautiful, relaxing, inspiring, and improves productivity. They reflect the intelligent planning, commitment to excellence, and focused effort it takes to create cool, quiet, aesthetically-pleasing home offices that can inspire workers to be more productive. Plus, research shows proper temperature and ambiance directly affects productivity. To keep errors low and productivity high, consider incorporating these window treatments into your home office.

#1 Home Window Film

Window film for your home office windows provides privacy without sacrificing natural light. It’s perfect for preventing sun damage not only to you and your family but also to valuable equipment and office furniture while it keeps your home office at the optimal temperature for comfort and productivity. If you have expensive tech, including furniture, such as leather chairs, you will need them to be protected from the sun’s UV rays. Prevent furniture fading and cracking with window film.

#2 Wood Blinds

A popular choice for any home office, wood blinds create a natural look, graceful charm, and a nice, cozy atmosphere. Custom crafted wood blinds with premium furniture-grade finishes create good light exposure that can help to increase creativity, alertness, and productivity and reduce workers’ error rates. Blinds can be good window coverings for French doors. Since you can attach them to the windows of your door, you can open and close them easily.

#3 Colored, Patterned And Textured Roller Blinds

Roller blinds can give any workspace a spacious feel. Incorporating color, patterns, and textures to this type of window treatment can make the roller blinds more exciting and interesting. Drawing or raising it while working during the day can prevent the blinds from being distracting while leaving them closed can liven up the work room’s energy and dress up its appearance.

#4 Dark Wood Shutters

If you want to give your home office more depth and richness and a traditional feel, installing dark wood shutters is a great option. Complementing it with dark, rich, desks, shelving units will give your workspace a traditional, formal, business-like look and feel. Adding modern Mid-century style light fixtures gives your home office a slightly more contemporary finish.

#5 Vertical Blinds

If privacy is a priority in your home office, consider adding vertical blinds. Whether you opt for white, light grey, dark wood, or some other color, vertical blinds can give your home office the right balance between privacy, natural light, and a stylish, yet business-like look and feel. This type of window coverings is great for sliding glass doors. 

Stay Cool Without An Air Conditioner

Temperature is an important factor in maintaining focus at work and many people need to turn on the air conditioner during warmer days. Temperatures between 67 – 73 degrees are optimal to maintain your focus and keep your cool during meetings. Window film can keep your home office cool. You might not even need to turn on the air conditioner, because the heat from the sun will be absorbed by the window film and not enter your home. House window film can help you save money on your energy bills and keep you cool…win win!

Other Essential Tips for Working From Home

Aside from window treatments, you can upgrade your home office in fun, unique ways. Add a couple of plants. We recommend a small one for your office table and a larger one for the corner. Plants give your space a more airy, natural feel. To improve your space, we also recommend proper lighting. Lighting can positively or negatively affect your performance. Make sure to get ample lighting with table lamps and corner lamps. Window film can help bring in light without increasing the temperature inside your office. This might be a good option for you to consider if you have a window that gets a lot of direct sunlight.

Rayno Window Film For Your Home Windows

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