Rayno Window Film Featured on Military Makeover

by Rayno Window Film

We are excited to announce that Rayno Window Film was featured on Military Makeover with Montel on the Lifetime Channel!

Military Makeover with Montel is a TV show that highlights and offers help to members of the military and their loved ones. Montel Williams is a veteran of both the Marine Corps and the Navy. He leads the Makeover team’s home improvement mission. Military Makeover enlisted Rayno to transform the home and lives of the Harvey/Woodruff family.

Harvey/Woodruff Family

Luke Harvey and Natasha Woodruff are both veterans have sacrificed a lot for their country. The couple met while recovering from serious injuries sustained while serving in the U.S. Army.  

Learn more about The Harvey/Woodruff Family here: https://militarymakeover.tv/family/harveywoodruff/

Products Used

All-Pro Tint & Graphics, one of Rayno’s premium dealer shops that offers quality installation services,  was on the scene to help install Rayno Window Film on Luke and Natasha’s brand new home windows. Rayno Trinity film was installed on the first floor. Trinity is our all-in-one premium film that combines the insulation and security functions of our other products. This film includes superior UV and IR rejection to keep the home interior cool and protect furnishings from fading. It also provides extra security features to help reinforce the strength of the glass. Flat window glass can easily shatter from objects and intruders, but Trinity can help minimize window breakages.

Rayno Rescue security window film was installed in the upstairs monkey Ollie’s room. Our security window film is penetration-resistant. It makes the glass eight times more resistant to penetration from a flying object than without film. It not only reduces the risk of shattering but also adds anti-scratch layer for pets or kids The family’s monkey and kids can bounce and play around without having to worry about the windows breaking or scratching.

Rayno Rescue Security Window Film

In the living room, Rayno Platinum Air 7090 was installed on the main windows to allow sunlights for the family while still protecting them from nearly 99% of harmful UV rays and 91% of IR rays. This lighter film offers clean and clear view from the main area where the family spends the most time together and reduces heating and cooling costs with outstanding solar control. It also helps prevent furniture and floor decoration from damaging solar rays.

If you are in the Zachary, LA area, be sure to contact All Pro Tint & Graphics for your window tinting needs. You can also visit our dealer locator to find the nearest Rayno dealer shops.

Episode 5 – Air Date: June 12, 2020  & July 2, 2020

This episode shows the installation process of Rayno Trinity on the first floor windows while the host Art is trying it out how to tint

Episode 6 – Air Date: June 19, 2020 & July 9, 2020

This episode is about  Rayno’s commitment to giving back to veterans and shows the installation of Rayno Rescue security film on the second floor monkey Ollie’s room where the family film Ollie’s YouTube channel.

Behind the Scenes Photos

Check out these behind the scenes photos we took while filming!