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Cost Of Paint Protection Film: Is It Worth It?

Cost Of Paint Protection Film: Is It Worth It?

Preserving your car’s exterior with a paint protection film can keep it looking great and maintain its value.

Cars depreciate quickly. One of the reasons why your car depreciates is because its exterior begins to look dingy and dull because of dents and dings, bird droppings, dirt, debris, and sun exposure. Protecting your car from snow and salt in the winter can be a huge challenge. 

Frequently washing your vehicle and applying a high-quality wax can help, but those measures are not enough.

Ceramic coating is an excellent choice that is also cost-effective; however, if you want to protect your car paint, preserve the looks, and maintain its value, consider adding paint protection film to its exterior to keep it looking new.

Can the benefits of PPF outway the cost? Keep reading to learn why it’s worth it to get paint protection film.

Isn’t Paint Protection Film Expensive?

Yes, it can be.

However, if your vehicle spends a lot of time exposed to the elements instead of inside a garage, the cost of paint protection film will be worth it when you see how much better your vehicle will look. Yet, full car PPF cost can vary. Pricing ranges from just a few hundred dollars to well over $7,000.

Why is that?

Several factors play into the cost of car paint protection film:

  1. How much of the vehicle you treat.
  2. The experience of the detailer applying it.

Some owners may be tempted to go with a cheap quote or possibly even do it themselves with a kit, but PPF is difficult to apply. An inexperienced detailer can end up damaging your car exterior, costing more money in the long run than it would if you had gone with a higher paint protection film for the car’s price.

Exterior Condition Affects Car Paint Protection Film Cost

Your vehicle looks its best when it leaves the factory. As soon as it hits the dealer lot or even during transportation, degradation can begin to occur. Factory imperfections are virtually invisible, if there are any at all. That’s the appearance you want to keep, yet as soon as you begin driving your new car, the elements begin to take their toll. Although it won’t protect the paint from all problems, applying a high-quality wax will provide about six months of protection. Among the imperfections that car paint experiences are:

  • Swirl marks, aka spider webs
  • Marring and micro marring
  • Buffer trails and holograms
  • Etchings from bird droppings
  • Isolated deep scratches
  • Water spots
  • Paint oxidation and ultraviolet fading
  • Clearcoat fading

When you apply PPF, your vehicle’s finish should be free of swirls, rock chips, and other imperfections. A conscientious detailer will closely examine the paint’s condition to find minor scratches and other imperfections that need removal before applying PPF. This process of removing imperfections is called paint correction. For vehicles in good condition, generally, a single-step polish will suffice to remove minor imperfections at a cost of about $300 to $400. However, if your car has swirl marks, scratches, and other problems that reach below the top layer, it will need a multi-step paint correction process that can increase your car protection film cost by $600 to $1,000.

Determining Your Paint Protection Film Price

Some owners want to cover every possible surface with paint protection film, while others want only to cover essential areas. The professionals at your local Rayno Film dealer can help you determine what the cost of paint protection film for your vehicle.

You can reduce your car PPF cost by only treating the front end. This treatment is called a clear bra and typically includes the vehicle’s most vulnerable areas, such as the front bumper, the hood, and the side mirrors. You can expect the cost to put paint protection film on the front of the car to be between $900 and $2500, depending on how many panels you want to be covered and the condition of your vehicle.

If you want to protect your entire car, expect the cost of full body paint protection film is anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000.

Which is the Best Paint Protection Film?

You may be wondering which paint protection film is the best. Deciding on a brand can get overwhelming because there are many brands from which to choose. Some of the more popular brands include Llumar, XPEL Ultimate, SunTek, and 3M Scotchgard. Application prices are all relatively the same, including Llumar paint protection film cost. The difference lies in the advantages you get with each.

Consider CREED PPF for Superior Paint Protection

As the cost of paint protection is relatively the same across the board, serious vehicle owners should look for the product that will give them the most benefits for the money. Rayno’s paint protection film gives you essential features of paint protection without breaking the bank. As a PPF, it provides your car’s exterior with numerous benefits. These include:

  • Stain resistance with advanced protection against dirt
  • Ultra-clear surface that avoids orange peel
  • A super adhesive layer that allows film removal without leaving residue
  • Ability to remove marks with alcohol and acetone
  • Superior durability helps reduce cleaning time, effort and money

CREED paint protection film will provide a stress-free way to maintain the clarity of your car’s finish. Once you have CREED PFF on your vehicle, your vehicle will have protection against many of the previously mentioned problems and much more:

  • Scratches
  • Stone chips
  • Calcium chloride and other snow chemicals
  • Bird droppings and bug acid
  • Surface damage via impact
  • Door dings
  • Water and oil stains
  • Road debris

When applied properly, PPF can last between five to 10 years, making your vehicle resistant to the aforementioned problems. Factor in the number of waxings you would need to do to obtain temporary and minimal protection, and you’ll agree that paint protection film car cost is justified.

Get A PPF Installation Quote For Your Car

Ceramic coating is a great economical option; however, if you want the ultimate protection, opt for the protective film solutions we offer instead.  Visit our dealer locator to find a paint protection film installer nearest you. Get your paint protection film installation done properly and in a timely fashion. Our dealers have years of experience installing paint protection film — we know your car and paint job will be in great hands.