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Which Paint Protection Film Is The Best?

Which Paint Protection Film Is The Best?

If you have decided that car protection film is the right choice for your vehicle, you will need to choose the right one. With more than one product on the market, how can you tell that you have found the correct one for your vehicle and its needs? Many installers have a favorite product, but that is often due to their experience installing the product rather than their comparison of the different products on the market. To make your choice a bit easier, here are some of the industry’s top car paint protection films, and the pros and cons of each.

Type of Car Paint Protection

Car paint protection film (PPF) can be one of two options — coatings or film. Coatings are placed on the vehicle to bond with the paint, and only can be removed through abrasion. Coatings provide excellent protection against damage to the paint, but are permanent — a vehicle owner may not want to have a permanent option. Car paint protection film offers the same benefits of coating, but in a film that wraps around the vehicle. Many owners choose film over coating because it can be removed, if desired.

Paint Protection Film Options

If you are leaning toward film over coating, you will want to weigh the different brands on the market. Here are the main brands and their benefits and drawbacks:

1. 3M Scotchgard

The 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film is known for its longevity. This film is backed with a five- to seven-year warranty and rarely has warranty claims, because it’s a durable product. The adhesive is quite aggressive — making the film stay in place. It’s virtually clear on most paint colors. However, some vehicle owners with dark-colored vehicles have found it to be too visible on their paint. The adhesive also does not apply well in cold weather, which can lead to longer installation times.

2. SunTek

SunTek is clearer than 3M Scotchgard, without the visibility on darker-colored cars. Cars that are coated with this product benefit from its self-healing nature. Simply pour hot water over the car for scratches to vanish. It also has a five-year warranty and is faster to install. However, the adhesive is less aggressive and the product hasn’t been around as long as 3M, so it does not have the long success history of its competitor.


XPEL ULTIMATE is backed by a 10-year warranty. It is nearly invisible, with better aesthetics than 3M Scotchgard, and is easy to install. One drawback to XPEL is that it is not easy to remove, unless the installer was extremely precise with the water and alcohol mix used to install it originally. Also, XPEL can leave a line in the middle of the panels if it is not installed so that entire panels are covered.


CREED, a new car paint protection film from Rayno Window Film, utilizes nano-coating technology to improve the protection available to today’s cars. This unique nano-coating technology allows CREED car paint protection film to protect paint from chips, dings, stains and discoloration better than any existing product. It is non-yellowing and self-healing without applying hot water or heat for less than 3 minutes, and can easily reach all the nooks and crannies of the car’s exterior.

CREED offers all the benefits of 3M Scotchgard, SunTek and XPEL ULTIMATE, but with greater results. It’s invisible on the car and offers superior protection. The main drawback to CREED is its newness in the industry. Because it’s new, many installers are not yet utilizing it.

Key Benefits and Features:

  1. Excellent hydrophobic and self-healing functions in one product
  2. Superior self-healing performance without applying hot water or heat less than 3 minutes
  3. Ultra-clear and high gloss surface without giving an orange peel
  4. Superior adhesive layer that allows the product to be cleanly and completely removed without leaving residue

Interested in having CREED installed on your vehicle? Contact Rayno Window Film today to learn more about current installation locations. By investing in the best paint protection on the market available from Rayno Window Film, you can protect your vehicle and your investment while helping to ensure your car looks its best for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about CREED car paint protection film and where you can have it installed.