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7 Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

7 Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

As a business owner, you know the importance of having a functional workplace where workers feel comfortable and productive. Keeping your workplace comfortable and your workers safe is essential to creating a productive work environment. Surprisingly, one way you can improve your workers’ comfort and productivity is with window film.

Of course, you can invest in incentive programs, rewards, and other systems to encourage greater productivity, but one simple solution that’s easy to overlook is office window tinting. Investing in architectural window tinting for your office can reduce some drawbacks of natural light while encouraging greater productivity among your employees.

Here’s how having tinted windows can help your facility work at its optimal level.

7 Office Window Tint Benefits

Why should your company invest in window tinting for your workplace? The benefits of commercial window tinting are vast. Window tint helps your bottom line, your workers’ well-being, and the overall benefits of daylighting in your building. With a more comfortable workplace, you can increase employee productivity and workplace health and safety so your entire organization functions at its best. Here are some major benefits that you will notice with window tinting.

Decrease Glare On Computer Screens

Window film for office buildings can help reduce glare on computer screens, which can help employees see better. Harsh incoming natural light can cause significant glare on computer screens that force workers to squint for long periods, which can cause muscle spasms around the eyes and lead to headaches. Many of our commercial window films decrease glare, so your employees can keep working without straining their eyes. 

Reduced Heat Gain

Window tint can reduce heat gain from windows. That corner office is an attractive incentive to an employee moving up the ranks, but it can turn into a sauna on a hot summer’s day. Window tint can reduce the amount of heat absorbed through the windows so the office does not overheat and the view stays unobstructed.

Comfortable workers are more productive. Rayno office window tint helps reduce hot spots that can create discomfort for employees stationed near windows. Because our products reduce heat gain, your employees stay more comfortable, no matter where their desks are.

Increased Privacy And Security

Some of our window film products come in darker shades to prevent outsiders from looking into your space. This helps increase privacy and security for your facility and can reduce distractions to improve workplace productivity. By blocking some of the views from your windows, you will also reduce the risk of someone being tempted to break into your facility to grab some of your valuable equipment.

Protect Workers From Radiation Exposure

UV window film helps protect the health of your workers by blocking dangerous UVA and UVB rays. Windows allow harmful UV radiation to enter the space, fading your furnishings and potentially damaging your skin. Our architectural window film products block as much as 99% of these harmful rays, reducing your employees’ risk of developing skin cancer and other serious health issues.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Increased energy costs are one of the main disadvantages of daylighting in a building. Commercial window tinting addresses this problem, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of windows without these drawbacks. Saving money on energy costs helps you put more money back into your workers and your company. Office window tinting helps prevent heat gain and heat loss, so your energy dollars go further, and your workers stay more comfortable.

Improve Your Facility’s Aesthetics

Window tint can make your building look more attractive. This is a fast and affordable way to give the exterior of your building, even if it’s an older building, a bit of a facelift. It helps to add style and a modern look to your property while reducing glare and increasing building security at the same time. 

Employees who can feel proud about their workplace will perform better. An attractive workspace makes more productive workers, and window tint is an easy way to enhance interior aesthetics. Window film can also work as your home office window treatments. It allows you to have a stylish home office and stay productive while working from home.

Increase Employee Productivity

Did you know that window film improves productivity in the office? During the work week, employees typically spend a third of their time inside the office. So it stands to reason that the environment can significantly impact their mood and motivation. There have been studies on the influence of physical office environments on employees. Research shows that workplace productivity can be affected substantially by the environment in which employees work. Therefore, it’s in the employers’ best interests to ensure their office environments are designed to help employees feel comfortable and productive.

Recently, tech giants such as Google and Facebook have made headlines with splashy office campuses designed specifically around this principle. Employees at these complexes have access to massage therapy, nap rooms, coffee shops, and other luxurious perks to help them decompress and stay focused during the workday. Although these techniques may contribute significantly to a happy workforce and improve employee productivity, they’re also well outside the means of most employers’ budgets. However, just because not every employer can afford to build a rock-climbing wall for their employees to use during break time doesn’t mean there aren’t tools available to them for creating a productive office.

How To Increase Efficiency And Productivity In The Workplace

There are numerous ways businesses can boost office productivity that won’t involve huge investments in showy perks or bleeding-edge technology. Instead, these office improvements may involve a minor change to the layout of an office or a new wrinkle in the employee handbook. Even though these changes may seem relatively minor, they can ultimately contribute to creating a productive workplace.

Studies have found that increasing the amount of natural lighting employees are exposed to during the workday can significantly improve their mood, helping them feel more comfortable and productive. Adding something as simple as architectural window film to the office can make it possible for blinds to stay open longer throughout the day without affecting the temperature inside the office or introducing harsh glare during the middle of the day. Introducing healthier snacks in the break room also can be a great way to keep employees focused on their work by satisfying their hunger. Furthermore, if you work from home, window tint for your home office windows can also help improve your productivity at home.

The accompanying checklist includes these and many other suggestions for workplace improvements that can boost employee productivity. The staff has to spend a third of their day in the office. So employers should provide them with an environment where they’re comfortable enough to remain focused on delivering their best performance.

efficiency and productivity in the workplace infographic

Commercial Window Tinting Near You

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of your commercial building?

You need the right tinting company to ensure you get the right tint for you to enjoy these benefits in your home or commercial office space. Our dealer locator allows you to find a Rayno dealer near you to discuss our architectural window tint options.

Rayno Window Film’s innovative window tint leads the industry in UV protection and heat reduction while strengthening glass and reducing glare. Our architectural window tint will eliminate up to 99 percent of the UV rays coming into your office to help protect your furniture and employees.

All it takes is this one simple upgrade to have peace of mind, increased employee productivity, and more comfortable office space for the long term. Use our dealer locator to find commercial window tinting near you today!