Rayno Brings Advanced Nano-Coating Technology to Paint Protection Film with CREED


Our newest product, CREED paint protection film, is designed to help protect vehicles from chips, discoloration, dings, and stains better than any product currently on the market thanks to its unique nano-coating technology. After months of development, we are excited to announce that CREED is available to the public for the very first time in our Korean market starting this week. However, this is not the first time CREED has been seen by the public.

We first unveiled our CREED paint protection film at the China International Auto Accessories Commercial Expo 2016 (CIAACE) in Beijing, China this past February. CIAACE was a great place to give the world an early view of CREED as well as showcase our switchable smart film and Phantom window film line. But we didn’t just stop at product descriptions. Professional installation demonstrations showed our products in action and helped to further drive excitement in our products.

The expo was a blast! It was great to showcase products with information and demonstrations, meet with industry professionals, answer questions about Rayno, and we were especially pleased to see the early excitement with CREED. And with the official release of CREED in the Korean markets, we look forward to seeing similar reactions.

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