Rayno featured on military makeover

Get Featured on Military Makeover with Rayno Window Film

Expand your lineup with Rayno Rescue security window film and Creed Paint Protection film for a chance to be featured on “Military Makeover” on the Lifetime Channel!

We are  partnering with the Lifetime Channel to help provide our Rescue security window film and Creed paint protection film products to help upgrade a US service member’s home and car on the TV show “Military Makeover”. We are providing the products, but we need help from our dedicated Rayno installers! We want to offer Rayno installer(s) a chance to come with Rayno to install our films on-set!

Carry Rescue security window film and/or Creed Paint Protection film for a chance to receive these benefits:

  • Get a Chance to be selected to come to the shooting of the TV show “Military Makeover” this upcoming February/March 2020 in Charlotte, NC
  • Be listed as one of our Featured Dealers on our Dealer Locator Section of RaynoFilm.com with over 400K page views regardless your membership status with Rayno.
  • Have our professional Marketing Team run online advertisements on Facebook for your shop for FREE.
  • Get mentioned and promoted on the Rayno official social media pages.
  • Get mentioned in a future article on the RaynoFilm.com website.

If you’re interested in applying, please fill out our application form by clicking HERE!

About Creed Paint Protection Film

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Rayno Creed Paint Protection Film is your best pick for superior paint protection that includes only the essential features that you need. A defining characteristic of Creed is that it will maintain its clarity over time without changing colors or yellowing. It will keep water and various stains from affecting your car’s exterior. Our superior top-coating material and technology offer hybrid functions of keeping high density and elongation together without sacrificing one for another — and this uniquely co-existing hybrid top-coating provides excellent anti-stain performance.

See how Creed is being installed in this Youtube Video:

About Rescue Series Window Film:




Rayno Rescue security window film is designed specifically to protect your windows and properties from damage and breakage. By adding to the strength of the glass, this window film provides residential and commercial window protection, reducing the risk of intrusion and shattered glass while continuing to provide the same UV filtering you’ve come to expect from our products. If you want to give the glass in your home or office more strength, choose Rescue Series.

About Military Makeover

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Military Makeover with Montel is a very special home improvement series that aims to respect those who have served our country, rebuild the homes—and even the lives—of these brave service men and women, and repay veterans for the service and sacrifices they’ve made for us.

If you’re interested in applying, please fill out our application form by clicking HERE!