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Window Protection Against Hailstorms

Window Protection Against Hailstorms

Hail is one of the most frequent reasons homeowners and car owners send in property damage insurance. The amount of property damages caused by hailstorms each year is in the billions of dollars. When hail strikes, all exposed surfaces of your home and your car are at risk, including your windows. Without the right protection, you could be left with broken windows that are costly and frustrating to repair. Here’s how Rayno Window Film can help you with the right window protection.

How to Protect Your Car From Hail Damage

While it would be nice to be able to purchase a car hail protector that you can simply place over your car to shield it in the event of a hailstorm, this is not practical. If your car is in a hailstorm, and you can’t park it in the garage, you’re going to suffer damage. While some of the damage to the hood, roof and trunk is primarily cosmetic in nature, shattered windows can make the car impossible to use. That is why you need to invest in window and windshield hail protection.

Our automotive window film can provide additional strength to the windows and windshield on your car. The film bonds to the surface of the glass, holding it in place if it is cracked or chipped in a storm. This means that you’ll be less likely to find your car with a shattered windshield or window, even after a serious storm. While you will still need to address potential damage, you will buy yourself some time to work with your insurance provider while still being able to use your car. In fact, window film and the strength it provides for windows is one of the best forms of hail protection for cars that can’t be parked in a garage. Since you can’t park your car inside at all times, this is a wise investment to make.

How to Protect Your Home or Building From Hail Damage

While car hail damage is more common, your home or commercial building is also at risk. A serious hailstorm with high winds can send hail crashing into your building’s windows as well. To prevent hail damage and protect your home or office windows, consider architectural window film. Just like car window film, our architectural products strengthen the windows of your property and prevent shattering, even in a hailstorm. In fact, our Rescue Series makes your windows up to 20-times stronger than normal glass. Window film in addition to screens, shutters, panels and double-paned glass can give your home virtually hail-proof windows.

Are You at Risk? The Top Locations for Hail Damage

While every state is at risk for hail, certain states have a higher instance of hail problems than others. Here are the top 10 states that report the biggest insured losses for large hailstorms:

Of course, hailstorms can happen no matter where you live. If you’re interested in providing window protection against hail, earthquakes and even intruders, find your local Rayno dealer to discuss your options or contact Rayno to learn more about our products.