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Car Window Tinting Myths

Car Window Tinting Myths

If you have been shopping for window tint for your car, especially if you have been shopping online, you may have come across some window tint misconceptions that have left you confused. Before investing in window tint, take some time to learn more about what these products can and cannot do for your car. Here is the truth behind some window tint myths.

Myth 1 — Car Window Tint Is a Waste of Money Because It Will Bubble and Lose Effectiveness Over Time

The purple, bubbling tinting you have seen on cars in your community is not professionally installed window film. These products are DIY films that are not designed to be a permanent addition to the car. While window tint can fade over many years, it should last up to 20 years, which is probably longer than you will have your car. If you use Rayno Window Film’s Phantom line for your window tint needs, and have the products installed by a qualified professional, you can expect many years of protection from your windows with minimal fading.

Myth 2 — Window Tint Will Make My Car Too Dark

Window tint comes in a variety of shades, but none of them block all of the light coming into your car. In fact, some are almost invisible, providing a barrier against UV rays without darkening the car too much. You can choose the level of darkening — as long as you stay within your state’s guidelines — that fits your needs.

Myth 3 — Window Tint Is Entirely Cosmetic and Provides No Real Benefit

Window tint can be cosmetic, improving the aesthetics of your car, but the reality is that window tint has much more benefit than cosmetics alone. In fact, today’s window tint is designed to block UV rays, and our Phantom product line blocks almost 100 percent of UV rays, to help protect your car’s interior and prevent fading. Tinting can also protect your skin from UV exposure.

In addition, window tint can make your car safer to drive because it blocks solar glare. This means you won’t have to shade your eyes from the light shining off nearby buildings or snow and water on the road.

Window tinting also reduces the amount of heat that your car takes in while parked, so you will not have to spend as much time and energy cooling the vehicle on a hot day. This can improve the efficiency of your car’s systems.

Myth 4 — Window Tint Protects Windows From Breaking

Window tint is designed to filter UV rays and prevent theft by limiting how much a potential thief sees inside your car, but tinting products have no power to stop windows from breaking. They do not strengthen the integrity of the glass. However, window tint can actually help to reduce potential glass fragments from scattering provided that the piece of window film stays intact.

Myth 5 — Window Tint Is Too Expensive

Window tint for your car does not have to be an expensive investment. While window tinting prices will vary depending on the product you buy and the company that installs it, you will probably find that the cost is less than you expect. Also, the protection window tint provides to your body and your car’s interior is well worth any investment amount.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of window tinting, or are ready to have tint installed on your car, find an authorized Rayno Window Film installer near you to get started.