Get Featured on Military Makeover with Rayno Window Film

Expand your lineup with Rayno Rescue security window film and Platinum Air7090 for a chance to be featured on “Military Makeover” on the Lifetime Channel!

We are  partnering with the Lifetime Channel to help provide our Rescue security window film and Platinum Air7090 film products to help upgrade a US service member’s home and car on the TV show “Military Makeover”. We are providing the products, but we need help from our dedicated Rayno installers! We want to offer Rayno installer(s) a chance to come with Rayno to install our films on-set!
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Rayno Window Film Wins the 2017 AAITF’s PPF Installation Competition

Rayno Winners

Rayno Window Film participated in the 2017 AAITF PPF installation competition from Feb. 15th – Feb. 17th, and Team Rayno took home the victory while showcasing the superior Creed Paint Protection Film! The winning team consisted of PPF installation expert & Sr. trainer Edward Jung, and RAYNO PPF’s workshop supervisor Mr. Kang Jeong Koo. In addition, David Shin, Sr. Director of Business & Product Development in Rayno Korea, had the distinct honor of joining the competition this year as a judge.

Edward Jung is Rayno’s PPF installation expert and Sr. trainer in the Asian Pacific Region. He possesses 15 years of experience, and has worked in XPEL, SONAX, SM, Solargard, and Meguiars.  Not only is he a PPF installation expert, but also he has been awarded several patents in PPF design software. As a senior PPF installation expert, Edward Jung has trained a multitude of companies around the world in car care, and tutored several professional teams in Japan and Korea.
Mr. Edward Jung said: ” Rayno produces PPF that are exceptional to work with on cars, and it is an honor for me to represent them at the AIITF 2017 PPF competition. I am especially excited to showcase our innovative line of CREED products introduced to China last year and show their durability, protection capabilities and ease of installation here.”
Rayno launched the highly innovative & industry leading paint protection film series, CREED, last year at CIAACE 2016. CREED Expert provides exceptional performance in terms of non-yellowing, high gloss, self-healing and Rayno is aggressively introducing its CREED paint protection film series in worldwide market. The film is expected to launch in the U.S. market in the coming months.
The 14th China International Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning (Shenzhen) Trade Fair 2017, AAITF 2017 Shenzhen, is an annual automotive exhibition involving participants from eight automotive industries, including Car Lightning, Car Décor, Screen Films, Car Multimedia, and Car Electronics. Car Re-purposing, Car Maintenance. More than 3,500 companies are expected to participate in the exhibition. Learn more about the event here:
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Rayno Window Film Inc. Welcomed as Sponsor of WFCT™ 2016


This October, Rayno will be welcomed back to sponsor the annual International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ in San Antonio.

Window Film magazine had the opportunity to speak with Rachel Min, Rayno’s marketing team lead – media & brand, on all that the company will have to offer at this year’s event.

WFM: Why did you decide to sponsor WFCT™ this year?

RM: WFCT now becomes Rayno’s annual event because we just can’t miss this great opportunity to get together and socialize with our customers, partners and other window film professionals. This year, it is also our own way to show Rayno’s commitment to the great Texas market with our bigger presence at WFCT 2016.

WFM: What’s the most beneficial part of being a sponsor at WFCT™?

RM: Being there for our customers. WFCT provides a platform for us to engage with our customers, gain firsthand feedback and introduce new and innovative products in an efficient way.

WFM: If you could describe WFCT™ in one word, which would you choose?

RM: “R.A.Y.N.O.—Relationship And Your Networking Opportunity”

WFM: What can we expect to see from Rayno this year?

RM: Rayno would like to be a useful resource for our customers in both product and sales aspects. Rayno’s new architectural film lines will be showcasing and will be available at our booth for your trial. In addition, we will also be showing our newly developed marketing and sales tools for the upgraded Phantom Automotive film lines.

WFM: What show specials does your company plan to offer attendees at this year’s event?

RM: Visit us at the show, booth 93, or find us on social media to find out surprising show specials that we’re running through WFCT. We expect to grow together, so everything’s bigger with Rayno in Texas!

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Rayno Brings Advanced Nano-Coating Technology to Paint Protection Film with CREED


Our newest product, CREED paint protection film, is designed to help protect vehicles from chips, discoloration, dings, and stains better than any product currently on the market thanks to its unique nano-coating technology. After months of development, we are excited to announce that CREED is available to the public for the very first time in our Korean market starting this week. However, this is not the first time CREED has been seen by the public.

We first unveiled our CREED paint protection film at the China International Auto Accessories Commercial Expo 2016 (CIAACE) in Beijing, China this past February. CIAACE was a great place to give the world an early view of CREED as well as showcase our switchable smart film and Phantom window film line. But we didn’t just stop at product descriptions. Professional installation demonstrations showed our products in action and helped to further drive excitement in our products.

The expo was a blast! It was great to showcase products with information and demonstrations, meet with industry professionals, answer questions about Rayno, and we were especially pleased to see the early excitement with CREED. And with the official release of CREED in the Korean markets, we look forward to seeing similar reactions.

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Providing the Ultimate Sun Protection Across the World With Rayno



The products we create at Rayno are designed to improve health and protect assets of everyone under the sun. People, buildings, and vehicles are all affected by the sun’s rays, and some places are impacted more than others. To make sure our products are available where they’re most needed, we headed to the Dubai in the U.A.E.

Dubai has a tropical desert climate. Most days of the year are filled with sunshine, very limited rain, and hot summers. The record high temperature was recorded at 126 °F. Sunshine is a big part of life here. Our products are a great solution for the issues that the sun poses in Dubai. That’s why we were extra eager to showcase our product lines at the Automechanika Dubai 2016 expo!

Our booth was a great place to learn about the unique benefits Rayno delivers for the area. We were excited to tell expo-attendees about the 99.9% UV blocking capabilities of our Phantom window film line, talk about how to beat the heat with IR-Rejection numbers in the 90% range of the S9 Phantom series, and showcase our upcoming CREED paint protection line. In addition, we also had live product installation demonstrations of our films.

It was a great expo, and we look forward to taking Rayno where it’s needed most in the near future. Be sure to follow our news section and social media channels for more Rayno expo news!


Rayno Returns to Sponsor the 2015 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™

Rayno Window Film is sponsoring the 2015 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ being held in Reno, Nevada.

Rayno Window Film is sponsoring the 2015 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ being held in Reno, Nevada.

Rayno Window Film was featured again in the Window Film Magazine on September 16th, 2015.


Rayno Window Film Inc. has signed on to be a sponsor of the 2015 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (WFCT). The event is set to be held September 30 – October 2 at the award-winning Atlantis Casino Resort Spa and Reno-Sparks Convention Center and will include educational seminars, an exhibition hall and the attendee-favorite Tint-Off™ competitions.

During the conference, attendees will be able to take part in educational seminars by industry leaders and expert speakers, network on the show floor with window film and paint protection film manufacturers and suppliers, as well as view three Tint-Off divisions.

We spoke with Rachel Min, marketing team lead, on what the company will be offering on the show floor.

WFM: What products and/or services will your company be displaying in its booth over this three-day show?

RM: This year, we are presenting upgraded Phantom Automotive films. It is now available in 7 different VLTs – 5%, 15%, 20%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 50% – to better serve our customers in various regions. As an upsell consultant, Team Rayno is excited to support our customers with sharing upsell strategies; how to maximize your profits with Rayno Window Film products. “Rayno – High Tech, Highest Margin.”

WFM:  What made you decide to be a Sponsor at the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ 2015?

RM: We see the WFCT 2015 as the best platform for us to meet our customers all over the country in person and this face to face meeting help us understand of our customers and industry even better. Also, as a year-long relatively brand new company, sponsoring at the WFCT 2015 helps us gain more attention, trust and validation. It is a way of showing our commitment to the industry that Rayno Window Film is not one of many come and go window film brands but we are a future-driven company with our vision here: to provide a better quality of life.

WFM:  Why do you think the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ is important to the window film industry?

RM: Considering that the window film industry is a niche market that there aren’t many opportunities for the community to come together, this industry specific event creates a great opportunity for all window film professionals and manufacturers to discuss and share more information.

WFM: Do you have any recommendations for the Tint-Off™ competitors?

RM: We think the best piece of advice is to practice staying calm under the time pressure. Everyone competing is already at the top level of their craft, but being able to stay calm and think clearly on their feet is an invaluable tool that can often be overlooked.

WFM: Are there any show specials your company would like us to announce or share early?

RM: We will be running the WFCT 2015 special promotions throughout the show so please visit us at booth No. 95 and see what we are offering!

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Rayno Window Film Was Featured in the Window Film Magazine Article, “Up for Grabs.”

Up For Grabs

It is not easy to stand out from the crowd as a new brand entering the window film industry. For Rayno, aggressive industry trade show presence is one of the ways to build up the brand credibility. Also, Rayno offers a streamlined communication between tinters and the company’s research and development teams that provides a unique opportunity for tinters to see how the company incorporates their feedback into its product development and service.

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