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Home Window Tinting Cost Guide 2022

How Much Does Home Window Tinting Cost? When most people think about window tinting, they think of car windows. But, applied as a laminate film, application to any glass surface is possible. Tinting your home’s windows is a great home improvement project that helps protect against UV rays, increases privacy, and can add a unique […]

Ohio Tint Laws 2022 Explained – What’s The Legal Limit?

Are you concerned about getting pulled over because of the dark tint on your car windows in Ohio? Getting stopped by the police because you did not follow the Ohio tint laws in 2022 is just not worth it. Car window tinting laws were enacted in 2004 so it’s important you are up-to-date with the […]

North Carolina Tint Laws 2022 Explained

Are you considering getting car tint but afraid of getting pulled over by the cops? Understanding the 2022 NC tint laws will help you make the right decision on what shade of tint to buy for your car windows. We will go over everything you need to know about the North Carolina window tint law […]

Off-Road Paint Protection: How to Protect Your 4WD From Scratches?

Safeguarding your 4×4, truck, SUV, or 4WD from flying debris and sudden branches can be almost impossible when driving over rough or unfamiliar terrain. However, truck paint protection provides a clear film that shields your 4WD, car, truck, 4×4, or SUV from the elements while riding around.  In this article, we have helpful tips on […]

Texas Car Window Tint Laws Explained

Texas has bright sunshine year-round. But the sun’s UV rays can make your car seats and dashboards crack and fade. The temperature in vehicles gets very hot under the sun. Sunlight causes glare that prevents drivers from seeing the road. One effective solution for dealing with the bright, hot sun is to put car window […]

Florida Tint Laws 2022: What’s the Legal Tint?

Getting pulled over for not following the legal tint laws in Florida is not worth it. This article will go over the legal tint shades you should follow to be compliant with Florida tint laws in 2022. If you are looking to get your car windows tinted, this article will help you understand what is […]

Cost Of Paint Protection Film: Is It Worth It?

Preserving your car’s exterior with a paint protection film can keep it looking great and maintain its value. Cars depreciate quickly. One of the reasons why your car depreciates is because its exterior begins to look dingy and dull because of dents and dings, bird droppings, dirt, debris, and sun exposure. Protecting your car from […]

Georgia Window Tint Laws 2022 Explained

Have you been wanting to get your windows tinted but aren’t sure whether or not you will wind up with a ticket? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In Georgia, window tinting is almost necessary. Not only does tinting your windows help to protect you and your car from the Sun’s harsh rays, […]

Virginia Window Tinting Laws 2022 Explained

Getting pulled over by a police officer because you did not follow the 2022 legal tint in VA isn’t worth it. Get all the facts behind the Virginia window tint laws so you can confidently choose the legal tint shades for your car.  This article will give you the latest Virginia car tint laws you […]