Tint-Off Contestant Spotlight: Ivan Soto

Ivan Soto

Ivan Soto will be representing Rayno Window Film at The 2017 International Window Film Conference and Tint Off. He is a perfect contestant because he has years of experience and has tinted a variety of vehicles. Ivan has been in the industry for over 25 years. His specialties lie in auto, arch, and marine. This will be his first time competing at the Tint-Off and we are confident in his experience and skills. He runs his mobile window tinting company and loves what he does!

We asked him some questions about his experience and tips to learn more about him and his best practices with installing window film.

1. When did you start your career as a professional window film installer?

I started my professional career as a window film installer in November 1993, when I started my own window tinting business.

2. How did you get into the window film industry?

It’s a funny story. 25 years ago, a friend owed me money. He said he knew how to do window tinting and another friend of mine said that he wanted his car tinted. I used this as an opportunity to get my money back. I brought him the car to tint and he asked me to help. So, there I was, helping tint the car to get my money back. From then on, I saw the opportunity to make money easily and have been doing it ever since!

3. What is your favorite part about your job?

Since my business is mobile, I work outdoors, which I like. I drive to my customer’s location for their convenience. Arriving at their location to tint their windows makes them happy. Plus, I am my own boss!

4. What is your #1 tip for properly applying window film you would give to new window tinters?

My #1 tip would be to prep the surface of the glass and film properly to avoid contamination.

5. What is the most interesting, unique thing you have tinted?

A gigantic 7 deck tall silver “X” from a cruise ship called Celebrity Solstice. I installed the “X” on the balconies, hanging from the outside. I used silver exterior film 20%, on a 16 deck tall cruise ship.

6. What do you educate your customers on when helping them decide on the best window film for them? What are the most important window film features they should know (ie: fading rate, IR rejection, film materials, etc.)?

I consider IR rejection the most important feature for choosing the right film.

7. How can people get a hold of you for tinting services?

People can call me at 1-855-729-8468 (RAY-TINT) ext. 7186 or visit the Rayno dealer locator page for more info.


Ivan Shrinks Rayno Film for Front Doors

See Ivan’s process in shrinking film for the front passenger doors.

Ivan Shrinks Rear Passenger Doors

The rear doors are similar to shrink to the front doors. See his process and explanation.

See Ivan Installing Rayno Film

Check out Ivan’s process for installing Rayno Film for the front passenger side door. Almost done!

Ivan shares some window tinting process and tips

He doesn’t use sharp knives to cut the film. See why…

Ivan Shrinks the Rear Window and Tells You How To Prevent the Film From Scratching

He uses a specific tool that helps prevent the film from scratching as you apply it to the window.


Tint-Off Contestant Spotlight: Trey Gill

trey gillTrey Gill will be representing Rayno as a contestant at the International Window Film Conference & Tint-off 2017. He started tinting at a very young age. He was orphaned and taken in by a tinter when he was 14. Trey tinted his first car shortly after. Five years later,  he moved to the Pittsburgh area where he worked as the manager of the local Ziebart. After about 4 years there, he met a phenomenal tinter who taught him how to dry shrink and shave edges to really perfect his technique. Trey Gill has done all the “impossible” back windows and always do amazing work. He is excited to represent Rayno at the tint-off!

We asked him some questions to give you an opportunity to get to learn about how he got into the film industry and what he loves about his job.

1. When did you start your career as a professional window film installer?

In the Summer of 1998.

2. How did you get into the window film industry?

A friend opened a tint shop and hired me to train as an audio tech. I ended up learning to tint and do alarms there, as well.

3. What is your favorite part about your job?

When customers come back with a big smile on their face excited to get their new car tinted.

4. What is your #1 tip for properly applying window film you would give to new window tinters?

Never let anything ugly leave. Those cars are your name. Keep it clean. No matter how many times you redo the hard ones, do them until they are perfect!

5. What is the most interesting, unique thing you have tinted?

I got to do a few really one-of-a-kind cars. The best was the Aston Martin that was one of the originals from the James Bond movies. The current owner said it’s just too hot in it!

6. What do you educate your customers on when helping them decide on the best window film for them? What are the most important window film features they should know (ie: fading rate, IR rejection, film materials, etc.)?

Every customer is different and wants film for a wide range of reasons. I ask them that question and educate them on the quality of the films I offer. To me, quality is the most important part when choosing a film.

7. How can people get a hold of you for tinting services?

You can stop into any of my 3 locations. Or call me at 1-855-729-8468 (RAY-TINT) ext. 7253. Message me on Facebook.

Terry’s Auto Detailing
906 4th ave Coraopolis, PA 15108

View Dealer Locator Page for More Info

Ohio Valley Autosport
529 Elizabeth St East Liverpool Ohio 43920

View Dealer Locator Page for More Info

T.C. Customized
Pa Rt 51 Jefferson Hills, PA 15025

View Dealer Locator Page for More Info

Watch Trey Gill apply Rayno Window Film on a Denali Truck

Which Paint Protection Film Is The Best?

If you have decided that car protection film is the right choice for your vehicle, you will need to choose the right one. With more than one product on the market, how can you tell that you have found the correct one for your vehicle and its needs? Many installers have a favorite product, but that is often due to their experience installing the product rather than their comparison of the different products on the market. To make your choice a bit easier, here are some of the industry’s top car paint protection films, and the pros and cons of each.

Type of Car Paint Protection

Car paint protection film (PPF) can be one of two options — coatings or film. Coatings are placed on the vehicle to bond with the paint, and only can be removed through abrasion. Coatings provide excellent protection against damage to the paint, but are permanent — a vehicle owner may not want to have a permanent option. Car paint protection film offers the same benefits of coating, but in a film that wraps around the vehicle. Many owners choose film over coating because it can be removed, if desired.

Paint Protection Film Options

If you are leaning toward film over coating, you will want to weigh the different brands on the market. Here are the main brands and their benefits and drawbacks:

1. 3M Scotchgard

The 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film is known for its longevity. This film is backed with a five- to seven-year warranty and rarely has warranty claims, because it’s a durable product. The adhesive is quite aggressive — making the film stay in place. It’s virtually clear on most paint colors. However, some vehicle owners with dark-colored vehicles have found it to be too visible on their paint. The adhesive also does not apply well in cold weather, which can lead to longer installation times.

2. SunTek

SunTek is clearer than 3M Scotchgard, without the visibility on darker-colored cars. Cars that are coated with this product benefit from its self-healing nature. Simply pour hot water over the car for scratches to vanish. It also has a five-year warranty and is faster to install. However, the adhesive is less aggressive and the product hasn’t been around as long as 3M, so it does not have the long success history of its competitor.


XPEL ULTIMATE is backed by a 10-year warranty. It is nearly invisible, with better aesthetics than 3M Scotchgard, and is easy to install. One drawback to XPEL is that it is not easy to remove, unless the installer was extremely precise with the water and alcohol mix used to install it originally. Also, XPEL can leave a line in the middle of the panels if it is not installed so that entire panels are covered.


CREED, a new car paint protection film from Rayno Window Film, utilizes nano-coating technology to improve the protection available to today’s cars. This unique nano-coating technology allows CREED car paint protection film to protect paint from chips, dings, stains and discoloration better than any existing product. It is non-yellowing and self-healing without applying hot water or heat for less than 3 minutes, and can easily reach all the nooks and crannies of the car’s exterior.

CREED offers all the benefits of 3M Scotchgard, SunTek and XPEL ULTIMATE, but with greater results. It’s invisible on the car and offers superior protection. The main drawback to CREED is its newness in the industry. Because it’s new, many installers are not yet utilizing it.

Key Benefits and Features:

  1. Excellent hydrophobic and self-healing functions in one product
  2. Superior self-healing performance without applying hot water or heat less than 3 minutes
  3. Ultra-clear and high gloss surface without giving an orange peel
  4. Superior adhesive layer that allows the product to be cleanly and completely removed without leaving residue

Interested in having CREED installed on your vehicle? Contact Rayno Window Film today to learn more about current installation locations. By investing in the best paint protection on the market available from Rayno Window Film, you can protect your vehicle and your investment while helping to ensure your car looks its best for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about CREED car paint protection film and where you can have it installed.

Top 5 Benefits of Paint Protection for Your Car

Paint protection film is designed to cover the painted areas of your car, providing important protection that will keep your car looking its best for as long as possible. Rayno Window Film offers CREED protection film for cars that utilizes advanced nano-coating technology for superior aesthetics and durability. If you own a car, protecting its paint job will help preserve its value and overall look.

Here are five benefits you can enjoy by investing in PPF:

  1. Keep Environmental Hazards Off Your Car’s Paint

Many items in the environment that your car will naturally come in contact with, such as tree sap or bird droppings, are corrosive to paint. Over time, these environmental hazards will wear down the quality of your paint. Some items, such as berries falling from branches overhead, can even permanently change the paint’s color. Investing in protection film will add a layer of protection between these hazards and your car’s paint, helping it avoid damage and destructive wear and tear. It can even reduce the likelihood of having your paint chipped or dinged with a flying rock, because it makes the paint’s surface stronger. 

1. Keep Environmental Hazards Off Your Car’s Paint

  1. Reduce the Impact of UV Radiation

Every time you take your car out of the garage, it is exposed to UV radiation. Just like your skin, your car is damaged by this radiation. You put sunscreen on your skin when heading outside, but what about your car? Car paint protection film is specifically designed to block UV radiation, so your car’s paint job won’t fade due to UV exposure. This means your car will stay looking its best longer, with bright, vibrant color.

2. Reduce the Impact of UV Radiation

  1. Spend Less Time on Car Care

Keeping your car looking great requires a time investment, but with car paint protection, you will find this job is easier. Not only does the film prevent dust buildup on your car, but it also makes washing the car faster and easier. When you don’t have time to wash, or if you live in an area with water restrictions due to drought, just rub it with a soft cloth for it to look clean and bright again.

3. shutterstock_578581657_Spend Less Time on Car Care

  1. Increase Your Car’s Resale Value

There’s often little to be done to increase a used car’s resale value, but car paint protection can help. Not only will it keep the paint looking good and prevent damage that could detract from value, but savvy buyers also understand the value of this investment and will pay more for a car that has it.

4. shutterstock_277873031_Increase Your Car’s Resale Value

  1. Eliminate the Need to Wax

Finally, if you enjoy the look of a freshly waxed car, paint protection can give you that look without having to use wax. It provides the protective coat that wax would provide, giving you the ability to simply buff the car with a soft cloth to achieve the shine you love.

5. Eliminate the Need to Wax

Trust Rayno Window Film for Paint Protection Film

If you are thinking car paint protection film is right for your car, you need to find the right product. Rayno’s CREED protection film uses nano-technology to protect vehicles from stains, dings, discoloration and chips better than any product currently on the market. Find a qualified Rayno dealer near you to discuss having CREED installed on your car, and enjoy the benefits of the industry’s most effective protection film for vehicles.

Office Productivity Checklist

During the workweek, office workers typically spend a third of their time in an office environment. So it stands to reason that the environment can significantly impact their moods and motivation levels. Research seems to support this: Numerous studies have found that workplace productivity can be affected in substantial ways by the environment in which employees work. It’s in employers’ best interests to make sure their office environments are configured and optimized in such a way that their employees feel comfortable and productive.

Recently, tech giants such as Google and Facebook have made headlines with splashy office campuses designed specifically around this principle. Employees who work at these complexes have access to massage therapy, nap rooms, coffee shops and other luxurious perks meant to help them decompress and stay focused during the workday. Although these techniques may contribute greatly to a happy workforce and improve employee productivity, they’re also well outside the means of most employers. However, just because not every employer can afford to build a rock-climbing wall for their employees to use during break time doesn’t mean there aren’t tools available to them for creating a productive office.

In fact, there are numerous ways businesses can boost office productivity that won’t involve huge investments in showy perks or bleeding-edge technology. These office improvements may involve a minor change to the layout of an office or a new wrinkle in the employee handbook. Even though these changes may seem relatively minor, they can end up being major contributors to creating a productive workplace. If you work from home, window tint for your home office windows can help improve your productivity at home.

For example, studies have found that increasing the amount of natural lighting employees are exposed to during the workday can significantly improve their mood, helping them feel more comfortable and productive. Adding something as simple as architectural window film to the office can make it possible for blinds to stay open longer throughout the day without affecting the temperature inside the office or introducing harsh glare during the middle of the day. Introducing healthier snacks in the break room also can be a great way to keep employees focused on their work by satisfying their hunger.

The accompanying checklist includes these and many other suggestions for workplace improvements that can boost employee productivity. Office workers have to spend a third of their day in the same environment, and it’s important that employers provide them with an environment in which they’re comfortable enough to stay focused on delivering their best performance.