Security Window Film Improves Security

Do you think your home is safe from a potential burglary? Think again! Even with an advanced security system, your home is still vulnerable to smash-and-grab burglary. This type of burglary occurs when a thief smashes the glass in your home and takes everything that can be reached through the hole. In this scenario, even the most advanced security system won’t help. By the time the authorities are alerted and get to the property, the burglar is long gone. Security window film can help prevent this type of burglary, adding another layer of security to your home.

Increase the Shatter Resistance of Your Windows to Prevent Burglary

Smash-and-grab burglary works so well because windows are fairly easy to shatter. All it takes is a strong hand and a piece of metal to smash through most home windows, grab a few valuables, and run. Safety and security window film can help prevent this by making the window just a little stronger.

Today’s safety window film bonds directly to the window to create a clear covering on the glass. The film material is highly elastic and adhesiveness is superior than regular window film, so it does not shatter quickly like glass and shattered glass pieces will be held together. This means thieves cannot quickly smash and grab, and they may be deterred by other security measures. Remember, the draw of a smash and grab is the fact that it can be done quickly. While a window with film on it will still break eventually, it takes longer, and this makes your home less attractive to a thief in a hurry.

If you are looking to secure a museum, security window film might be a excellent security system for your windows. In addition to museum security cameras, installing security film to the glass in and around your museum will help protect the art and other precious artifacts you want to keep safe.


Auto Window Tinting Provides a Similar Benefit

Window tinting isn’t just for your house. Smash and grab robberies are common with cars, too. If you leave valuables visible in your car, you may find that the car’s windows are smashed and your belongings stolen when you return to it. Automotive window film can make the windows of your car stronger while also reducing visibility to thieves, again preventing this type of burglary. Many privacy window film products are shaded, and this makes it harder for a thief to see into your car and spot belongings that are tempting to steal. The tinting is designed to still allow plenty of light through the windows, while reducing visibility and adding privacy to your automobile. By adding privacy window film to your car, you can enjoy natural light through your windows without increasing the visibility through them from the outside. This particular benefit is only noticed with tinted film, not with clear.


Trust Rayno Window Film for Car and House Window Tinting

If you are ready to enjoy these benefits of window tinting for your house or car, trust the superior products from Rayno Window Film. We have both architectural film and automotive film to help protect your belongings, no matter where you have them. Our products are stronger and more effective at blocking UV and IR radiation than many of our competitors. Find a Rayno window film dealer near you to purchase our window film products and add even more security to your home and vehicle.

How To Insulate Windows For Winter

Winter is coming, and with it the cold that seems to seep into our homes and setting around us. One way to keep your home warm and cozy this winter is through window winterizing. Adding insulation to your home’s windows can help prevent drafts and heat loss during the coming winter. Here are some ways you can do this effectively.

1. Install Window Insulation Film

Window insulation film can help insulate windows by creating a barrier between the window glass and your home. You can purchase simple kits at your local hardware store to insulate the windows with shrink-wrapped film. Once you figure out the proper installation technique, you will find that this is a fairly simple solution to your winter weather problems.

DIY window film kits do have one major drawback. It can be unsightly, and the window is essentially out of commission (you can’t open it) when covered by this film. One way around this problem is to invest in a permanent solution.

For ongoing insulation, consider installing architectural window film. This product is specifically designed to protect your home from the damage caused by UV rays. This is a year-round concern, and architectural window film can reduce UV ray exposure by up to 99 percent. Winter window film can also prevent heated air from leaving your home by adding to the strength and insulation of your windows. With architectural window film, you can both block dangerous UV rays and prevent heat loss, making your home more energy efficient.

2. Use Your Blinds

Heavy or insulated blinds can help keep heat in and drafts out. If you have heavy or insulated blinds, consider closing them when the sun sets to trap the warm air inside your home, then opening them when the sun is up to allow the heat from the sun to warm your home naturally.

3. Purchase Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are a great option for insulating windows for the winter because they do not block light — like blinds do. This means you can use them and still enjoy natural light in your home, while protecting your home from chilly drafts. Cellular shades can also be cut to fit the individual windows in your home, creating a custom look.

4. Seal the Windows

Window glass can allow a lot of heat to escape your home in the winter, but it’s really the cracks between the window and the frame that allow the majority of the drafts through. To test for cracks and leaks, light an incense stick and hold it near your window frames. If you see smoke moving toward the window, you have found a crack. Use caulk to seal those cracks and prevent unwanted drafts.

Remember, your windows are the place where the majority of heat loss occurs in the winter. By investing in window film insulation and learning how to insulate windows for winter in other ways, you can protect your home from heat loss and your wallet from high energy bills. Contact Rayno today to learn more about our window tint products, or find a dealer to schedule your professional window film installation before winter hits.